A bit of a weird "daily life" question r/o/p

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  1. Hi everyone! i hope my question does not sound too weird but do people ever give you sh*t for your designer bags? I own a speedy and take it to college but i so often get remarks like "is it fake?" "why would you buy a bag like that?" "i dont understand how you can justify such an amount for a bag" "wow what reckless spending". So since most of you have AMAZING and extensive handbag collections i was wondering if you ever get remarks like that and how you handle it.
  2. JessicaV, I HEAR ya!!!

    I get this a lot, and until just recently I only carried Coach (some of which are considerably less expensive than my LVs). I actually had a co-worker ask how much my Galliera was, so I told her "no judgement and don't tell anyone" and then told her how much it cost.
    Next thing she is telling everybody to come and see my $1200 purse and I was lectured over and over again.

    I usually just respond with a somewhat snotty, somewhat joking "you don't see me analyzing YOUR spending habits" - USUALLY that shuts them up, otherwise I just ignore them...though I have learned to not tell anybody how much it costs!!

    You deserve your bags! How you choose to spend your money and treat yourself is UP TO YOU!!!
  3. There's a thread about bag insults on the 'handbags and purses' forum.

    I don't get too much of it because most of my bags do not have monograms all over.
    Sometimes I might turn over even a discrete logo if I feel that unwelcome attention may occur any minute - that's the only thing that I worry about with my long wanted vernis Alma. I can hear the jibes already and I haven't bought it yet.

    My LV luggage always makes people so friendly (they probably just feel sorry for a poor girl struggling with her luggage)
  4. I've never gotten a negative response from strangers maybe just stares and they are usually out of admiration (I get more compliments from strangers than criticism). However people close to me used to question why I spent so much on a bag but after a while they started to accept it and appreciate I've even gotten some of them hooked on LV lol and my boyfriend used to be against me buying expensive bags and once said he would never buy me a bag so expensive but even he has given into to LV
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.