A bit of a warning

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  1. #1 Mar 26, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
    This may get moved, but it's LV-specific so I'm posting here.

    I've noticed a lot of TPFers who also post on the Facebook "LV addicted" group. It's easy to tell who some of you are because you post your new bags or have screenames that are similar to your Facebook handles.

    Some of you have public profiles, and anyone is able to see where you live, work, and what your full name is. I post this only as a warning because many of you also post very expensive purchases here, and you may open yourselves up for someone to find you in real life.

    I hope this helps keep some of you safe, or at least encourages you to make your profiles a little less public. Or maybe you don't care either way!
  2. Very interesting ladies! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the warning. I don't personally post in that group but this is good to know for those who do.
  4. Great post!

    I don't think some people realize how easy it is to track people using a screen name. Once for work reasons I was able to take a screen name and just by using that I was able to find out not only where the person worked but also their home address. The screen name was linked to a bunch of other accounts. Everyone needs to keep safety in mind because it's so much easier than one would think. Thank you for the reminder!
  5. I think this is a very wise post. My friends dub me the social media police, but I'm very sensitive to these issues. Be safe everyone!

    PS-- I hope this post isn't moved. Great reminder.
  6. Good point!
  7. This is a smart post! Thank you!
  8. agree, a lot of these girls also do youtube/instagram and etc., so you can see them, see purchases, hear where they work and live, etc. and then follow them there, here, everywhere. hopefully some will take the advice/warning to just be careful w/personal info. online:smile:
  9. I could never handle that type of exposure!
  10. This is why I rarely post in groups.
  11. This is very wise advice and something we should all be aware of. Thanks for posting!!
  12. Thanks for the reminder ! We need to protect ourselves and protect each other.