A bit of a rant...Why I hate thieves...

  1. So, I've been away from my 2nd job for the past few days. I go in tonight to find out that 2 hours after I left on Saturday a woman stole 6, yes 6 Coach handbags. Of course they were our big expensive bags, I estimate nearly 3000 dollars. It gets worse. This is the 3rd time she has stolen bags. The managers, Loss Prevention and I have tried to tell the other associates including those in our adjacent areas to keep an eye out, but they really don't pay much attention. The worst part is the woman continued shopping, actually trying to return some clothing. We have her on video, so if she steps foot in our store again, b*tch is going down. The scary part though, is she has a weapon, as to steal the bags she takes a wire cutter to the cables by which the bags are locked down.

    It just really pisses me off that she has gotten away with stealing about $4000 worth of really pretty bags. I swear, I'm taking this way to personally, but it really bothers me. It's frustrating, because sometimes, i feel I'm the only associate in my department who even cares. The others are just too new to care and would rather just space out then watch the department. Argh.

    Oh and then tonight, two men robbed the Zales jewelry store next door to us. People really suck sometimes.

    On the bright side, at least we finally received our new shipment of Coach.
  2. Can't you guys use the video against her and press charges? I don't know much about the law and policies of the store but I thought maybe that was doable?
  3. Wow, that's unbelievable.

    This is completely unrelated, but, For some reason, when I see the wires that connect the Coach bags to the wall, I just back off from the bags, even when I'm interested in them.

    Anyways, can you press charges by going to each of the counters that she returned to and identifying her? I hope this gets solved.
  4. Yes. If we catch her in the store again LAPD will be called.
  5. And another thing that pisses me off about that story is that I have yet to own a signature bag... and she's going off with 3000 dollars worth... that's unbelievable.

    Thieves are so immoral. Work for it! Don't steal and take profits away from innocent people!!!
  6. Maybe they have to find her first in order to charge her with theft/shoplifting. Right now, they can't charge her yet because they don't know who and where this crazy lady is. But how did she steal 6 handbags at the same time without getting caught????
  7. Plus WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? That there's no video recording in stores at modern times? Sheesh!
  8. People do suck sometimes. And people tend to steal really cheap stuff sometimes too. I used to work for blockbuster, and this one guy came and got us every week for 2 months straigh (we couldn't do a thing about it unless we actually SAW him take it and put it in his pants - where he always hid um- unless we saw it, even if we knew it was there, we can't do anything about it). He would steal tons of our DVDs, all newly released. And it sucked, but, it was great when he was finally caught!! No more theft from him and he got what was coming towards him! Don't worry, she'll get caught soon :smile:
  9. How do you steal that many bags? Where was she putting them??
  10. lol Good question!
  11. Wow...her 3rd time..Does you store have the previous videos as well? I would take it to the police anyways and let them catch her. And definately press charges..she's just going to do it again if she doesn't get in trouble for any of her actions.
  12. We had this very bizarre guy who used to come to the cafe I worked at, he had some kind of OCD/germophobia problem. He would pee on the bathroom floor (which was real fun for me to clean up), and then steal our cleaning supplies and stuff them in his pants pockets. And not just towels and stuff, whole bottles of disinfectant spray and toilet cleaner. He was a really nice guy, otherwise, but eventually our manager banned him due to the floor peeing/supply stealing.
  13. Ugh I HATE shoplifters. When I worked at NY & Co we couldn't do ANYTHING if we saw people stealing stuff. Only the managers could.. and since there were like 1 or 2 on duty they couldn't exactly keep an eye on everything. We had some ladies who were chronic shoplifters and would steal SO much stuff and then later on sell it in their basements!!

    Then another time I was walking through Sears when a lady took an arm full of clothes and just literally ran out the door and into a car that was waiting for her. People are ridiculous!! :blink:
  14. Holy cow! I guess it's their friendly policies and that they don't want to make a big scene at the store or something so that shoppers will come back to the store. Still.....it ain't right. There's gotta be something else that they can do. Grrr!
  15. I was a foreign exchange student coming up on 3 years ago, and, one of the girls I made friends with (we both went thru the same private company to find us host parents) was a complete kelpto! I didn't realize it until half way thru the year, she finally told me, and the thing that killed me is that her dad was a doctor and could afford anything she wanted! She almost got caught once when we were in London, some guards came and took her as we were all walking out of a grocery store (found out later she stole vodka) but, they nabbed her for buying alcohol underage (finally let her go, w/ alcohol in hand, they released her in exchange for her phone number). I was scared for myself as well, I had no idea she had taken anything, she told us later, and I could have been guilty be association! I tried to avoid hanging out with her after that incident, but, it just shows that it's not just people who can't afford things, it the people that can afford things that steal too!