A bit of a random question about JC shoes!!

  1. Hey guys,

    My mother is the US and found these JC shoes that are sold out in London!! yeeey

    One problem, are the sizing the same here in the Uk as it is in the US? Does it usually run big or small?? or is it true to size?

    Most of my JC shoes are 39. Just want to double check before my mother gets me the wrong size!

  2. We here in the states have had to get used to figuring out what our sizes are in european sizes. :yes: If you are a 39, then that should be your size even if the shoe is from a US JC boutique.
  3. That's true. I wear 38.5 in Choo. I've bought mostly from boutiques in the US, but also from JChoo London. I've found them to run pretty true to size. I have heard of some saying they run small, but this has not been my experience and I have at least 8 pairs of flats and heels and 4 pairs of boots.

  4. Can you Pleaseee Share your shoes:nuts: with me if I share my bags:yes:

    Too bad I wear a 5.5:crybaby:
  5. :nuts: I am sticking to my story. I usually wear a 9 but in most european sizes I wear 39.5 or 40:nuts: Really I swear I am only a 9. I will not admit to anything larger;).

    Robyn, you are so lucky. Shoes in your size look really beautiful.
  6. With those legs, what does shoe size matter? I wear a 39 in Manolos and Louboutin, but 38.5 in Choo.
  7. The sizing is exactly the same in london or US for JC shoes, so if most of your Choos are 39, I'd go for those. I find the heels sometimes rum small so I wear a 38.5 in Choo heels but a 38 in flats. Can you go to a boutique and try on a similar pair to be sure?
  8. I used to love having small feet because I could ALWAYS find wonderful deals on my shoes, but the last few years my feet no longer seem to like the High heels:wacko: and put up a huge stink whenever I try to wear a pair. So, needless to say, I wear my Ugg boots in the winter and Croc sandals & tennies in the summer. I sold off about 40+ pairs of shoes over the last few years and I really should get rid of another 30 pair:crybaby:

  9. I don't wear high heels much anymore either. Most of my Choos are flats..or low kitten heels...I just love 'em with skinny leg jeans and a tunic! Even 2 out of my 4 pairs of jc boots are flats. I have one pair that is lined in rabbit fur and the Lulu with the tassles...I can't wait till winter again!
  10. Since I'm only 5' 5" I have always loved heels (especially boots)....well, anything under 4". But lately, as I've gotten older, I find that my sense of balance is off! MAJOR :p:p:p

    Some of the things I hate about turning 40 (a few years ago). I'm blind as a freaking bat (but I now have super sonic hearing), and that whole gravity/balance thing (in more ways than one)! :rolleyes:
  11. I went shopping(window) today and saw some new Choos...the Chicago bootie(hot), the Ninol flat patent boot:drool: the Crest bootie:sweatdrop: and quite a few pairs of pumps. It is too early to be looking for boots or I would have caved...but I was strong. Yummy is all I can say about those booties! But I have a new pair of Fudge boots I havn't even worn yet and several pairs of booties I bought last year that have very little wear. I'm sooo glad they are still in this year.
    DH is about ready to have me chained and all credit cards cut up!:noggin:
  12. I always have to try the shoe on as I have JC shoes and boots in sizes 38 - 38.5 - 39