A bit of a dilemma.. your input would be much appreciated!

What to do?

  • Go wild at H. Forget the Speedy; you can get it later!

  • Get the Speedy and the agenda from H.

  • Just wait until you go shopping and decide then.

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Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
Okay, so as all of you ladies know, I'm going on a sojourn to Michigan and will be hitting up the little Hermés boutique in NM in Detroit. I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about it by now.

I've been in contact with the awesome SA recommended to me by you all, and she has a Ulysse PM agenda in potiron (but not in blue jean... which is what I wanted... but I looooove orange and don't have a signature H orange piece). She also has tons of cadenas, including a palladium heart which would be amazing on my new H bag. And there are, I'm sure, all kinds of other little goodies there.

My dilemma is this. I've wanted a Speedy 25 for almost a year now from Louis Vuitton (monogram canvas one). I already have a damier Speedy 25, and next to my new H, it's my absolute favorite bag.

My funds for this trip are limited-- if I get the Speedy at LV, at the most I might be able to get the potiron Ulysse from Hermes, but no cadena or any other little goodies. The question is, do I spend all my money at H, or do I get the Speedy 25 and forgo the H goodies I might spend that $600 on? Since it'll be years before I get to hit another H boutique (no matter how small the one at Somerset is, it's still H!) I want to make my first boutique experience worth remembering. Candace brought up a great point, saying I seem more crazy about H now, and I can always get a Speedy 25 online and save the sales tax-- I could just get the LV bandeau I've been wanting at the LV boutique (I've never been to LV either) and have the rest of my money for H.

I've thought about it and thought about it, and I keep going back and forth between the two options; I can't make up my mind and it is DRIVING ME INSANE! If you were me, what would you do? and why? I know I'm asking H junkies so it might be a biased answer but I'm losing my mind over here.

Thanks so much ladies, I promise this'll be my last thread about my H boutique visit! :shame: :flowers:


Nov 8, 2006
RBB I chose the first option, easy choice it is H, you already have the same size damier speedy so until the next visit, please spend all the money on H!


He is Risen
Jun 19, 2006
I would get a little crazy at H because you don't live near an H store and you can't get as much online and can't see it online.

wait till later to get your speed 25 bc you can get from elux or have it shipped it. go into LV and have fun...but just keep it on your list!

I think since you have wanted the speedy for a year but recently jumped on the herbag....that should say something.

plus you already have a speedy to enjoy!


Jul 28, 2007
I voted for Speedy and Ulysee, RBB. I'm onto you case, so to speak, dear RBB and think you will get more balanced and varsatile handbag collection with this. Getting cadena and bits-pieces would not be quite practical IMO. As time goes by you'll be able to get all the bits from Hermes.com really. Best of luck and don't worry too much ;)


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
Orange County
LOL Sarah I knew what this dilemma was and the poll before I even opened the thing...

Well you sort of already know my opinion. Also it is sort of like...what kind of experience do you want to have? To be able to go into your first H store ( I am dreaming of this...lol) and be able to get some more things than the agenda...because I know you will get there and be like 'OOOH THAT SCARF!!! THAT TWILLY!!!! I WANT TWO CADENAS!!!' LOL

Guccigal makes a great point - you've been wanting a speedy monogram for a year? but got a Herbag instead? Hrm.... :smile:


Confetti In Her Hair
Oct 31, 2006
Since you love H, I would definitely get the items you want there. You can always get the Speedy from Elux with ****** and save some $$ for future H spending sprees:yahoo:

Have fun!

Encore Hermes

Aug 6, 2007
villa di como
I would wait and decide when you go shopping. That said, if you decide on the LV I agree with Candace, why waste money on tax when you can buy online. Wait until you get home and then order it. Handle the LV, see all the goodies at H (inc. cute bird keychain:heart:) and you will know what you want to do.
IMHO There are other things to buy like Megs' new BV flats WOW:tup:


Dec 12, 2006
Since you already have a Damier Speedy I'd say go wild at Hermès!! You can always order the Speedy from ELux.


Apr 7, 2007
As an onlooker into your new Hermes obsession (while nursing my own) I have to say go with Hermes. I've never been much into LV, and I think the Speedy you already own is the best LV you can get. In any case, I think this is something you need to decide--so go into each boutique (I'd say LV first) and see every possible purchase combination you can make, then decide! I hope you have the best time!


Working mom of 3
Oct 31, 2007
You'll regret it if you don't go crazy at H!! You can always buy LV items online... elux is tax free and has free shipping now too. that agenda sounds great, but it would be so lonely without a fellow H accessory!!!