A bit late posting but here's what I bought from the sale!!!!!

  1. Hey Girls!!

    I know I am a bit late posting but I also got a GREAT bargain from Gucci sale in Trafford Centre, I am not too sure if the Charmy Hobo is meant to be the name of this Gucci!? But I was quite shocked to find that this bag had a few left even when I got to Gucci at about 11am!

    Also the large Aviatrix bag, just one on sale on the bottom shelf where no one was really looking....



    And both for half price!!! :yahoo:
    gucci.JPG gucci1.JPG
  2. wow!!!! The aviatrix is lush!!! Gorgeous choices!!!
  3. Nice purchases and great prices. I love the Aviatrix!
  4. beautiful! congrats!
  5. The aviatrix is HOT HOT HOT!!
  6. nice aviatrixxxx
  7. i saw them both but didn't buy any. wasn't that keen on them but kinda regretting them now.

    how much were each of them?
  8. WOW, they're gorgeous, congrats!
  9. That is awesome...what a great way to end the year!
  10. You found an aviatrix on sale! Great finds!:tup:
  11. The hobo was £142 and the aviatrix was £570. I used the hobo about 3 times now such a cutie!! And aviatrix bag is SO spacious took me a while to stuff it up before I took pics!!
  12. The aviatrix is so nice
  13. Awesome bag. I love it
  14. ditto.
  15. The Aviatrix is a great looking bag!