A bit late but.. Tavern on the Green?

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  1. Ladies (and Gents):

    I posted around a month ago that my parents were getting remarried. So the big event is this weekend in NYC and they chose TOTG for brunch on Saturday. I visit NYC about 5x per year but have never been there. Is it touristy? Is there an extreme dress code? Is the food okay? (ps my sister and I are payin'.. lol).

    Anyhow I plan to wear a nice pair of dress pants with heels and a white turtleneck. (my Ribera will tie it together nicely.. lol). Any thoughts on this?

    Anything else I am forgetting? Mods you may move this if this is the wrong place to post!

  2. Lucky the weather will warm up quite a bit by the weekend, it has been REALLY cold all week, dipping down to ~zero degree. I've been to the Tavern, and it is nice, it reminded me of a jewel box with the decorated halls. Don't remember much else tho, it's one of those places that's fun to visit. It'll probably be touristy in the area on a weekend. What you're wearing sounds fine for brunch!
  3. its a lovely place! and you are dressed not only appropriately, but lovely from the sounds of it!
  4. Yup. The weather has been extremely cold and will be some what better this weekend.
    TOTG has a beautiful setting, a lovely decor, service is great, food is good but it is touristy, more so, in the Summer than now.
    Your dress code sounds just right.

    I'm confident you will have a wonderful time there.