a bit eccentric perhaps?

  1. ok so have been living breathing thinking fendi as of late, perhaps is the stress of moving from house to airstream, gathering the necessary fendi's that will fit in my small nyc apt on wheels (that is what i like to think of it as ha) ... we will be living with Keiko the akita shown here lieing on floor, i was just thinking how lovely fendi zucca bags may look as saddlebags on her... ha.. now i am obsessing correct? however the idea does intrigue me, she could carry alot of weight..hmmm perhaps it could be a new line, dog saddle bags by fendi? small dogs get juicy carriers so why not? she has a coach collar and lead already ...
  2. sorry i know this is out there a bit was just excited over my new baby spy... walked the dog thinking she has her items that are handy when walking and it may be nice to hold her items. see the new baby in the waiting room picts if want.
  3. You are fine, you just love love love Fendi. Checked out your baby. Very nice. Mommy should be proud. Enjoy!
  4. M - since you are a designer, maybe you could buy a couple of Fendi Baguettes and strap one on either side of your canine companion? :idea:
  5. that is a good idea...thanks baglady! then i can borrow them from time to time myself ha..
  6. I think its a great idea! Could be like a St. Bernard with his whisky.