A bit confused...What would Hermes do

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  1. I have been reading many threads in this category and am confused as to what Hermes will do.
    Situation: will Hermes actually replace the leather of a badly worn bag?
    In a number of posts it is stated that Hermes will, if not repairable,replace leather, including the front, top, back, handles...
    In other posts it states that Hermes will not repair or replace badly worn leather.
    Is it just a matter of $$ or is it a matter of whom you are speaking to at Hermes? or is it ???:confused1:
  2. My experience has been that they will consult with the client to see what the client prefers. I submitted a repair and had it written that I would pay for any and all replacements and they still had my SA consult with me to confirm what I wanted to do.
  3. That is good to know. I am looking for a 60's or 70's vintage bag and knowing that leather can be replaced has opened up a whole new world of looking...Thanks!!
  4. I think it's on a case by case basis. And the extent of damage on the bag. Sometimes, the cost of repair can be very cost prohibitive. Another consideration is whether Hermes still has remnant of the colour/skin combo to use.