A bit belated, BUT i have an excuse:P

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  1. OKKK so this is coming about a week late BUT I've had a little surgery 4 days ago (Tonsils removed) and work before that BUT i have some belated news.

    Me and my dad where in Melbourne for the Australian Open (WHICH btw was amazing this year:smile: I LOOOVED the 2 finals and semis this year) and as always we stay at the Crown Towers and of course there is a Versace, LV, Burberry and Prada at the hotel alone PLUS others. BUT where we did a little damage, was at the GUCCI store at Collins Street and i knew the end of the xmas sale was coming, solo i insisted dad have a look (My parents are renewing their vows this year for their 40th Ainversary and he needs a new suit) and i knew there was at least 30% off.

    BUT to our surprise there was 50% off!!!! I WAS LIKE WOWWWW NO WAY:smile:

    SOOO we went upstairs (its a very small 2 level store in collins) then i saw a suit that i had liked a while ago;) BUT not for me (I'm looking for a versace or prada outstandish looking jacket with simple looking pants) AND yes... it was 50% off. as was everything on sale in the store. Soo he tried on the suit AND it was a perfect fit. The last size in australia. Not even in Sydney.

    So as he was trying on the suit. I had a look at the shoes on sale. AND picked up a pair i had spotted around xmas time. I tried them on as she said they where the last size in australia. She showed me the screen as proof. SOOOO for 375 i couldn't pass em up. SOOOOO affordable;)

    BUT my dad wanted to see what else there was. The SA said we don't normally hold sale items BUT she said ill hold it till closing time (the suit and shoes) just in case there was something else (she knew there wouldn't be).

    SO we came back 2 hours later AND he wiped out the CC and purchased the SUIT:smile: I jumped for joy for him. AND even another customer said "Its a suit like no other". SOOOO my dad knew it was right. ;) Ill post pics of the items tomorrow when its light. BUT it shows that Gucci really is a new home for me;) Im already planning on saving for A Disco Soho bag, Heart card holder and matching large pouch and Large Soho leather toiletries bag;) ALLLL are under 1K (the last 3 options are just 1K) where as LV they would a lllll cost together like 2.5 hahaha. AND they are all leather as well:P hehe GREAT customer service AND great price;)
  2. Yay! Sounds like you had a great time! Can't wait to see pics!!
  3. Nice to hear about your experience at Gucci. Looking forward to some pics ;)
  4. I wish I had a nice service at Gucci. Majority at Las Vegas were so-so or unproachable...I must check out Gucci in my home state. :smile:

    Please show us what you got! :graucho:
  5. Can't wait for your reveal! Hope it will be soon!

    Btw, I just picked up my Disco Soho bag and it's really a must have - it's a very adorable small bag that actually holds quite a bit.

    You might have to try another Gucci boutique. The one I go to is often very friendly and not pushy at all. Only a couple of times, I've experienced a so-so service and that's when they don't have enough SA's on the floor and there are a lot customers. I still have to try the boutique that opened in Yorkdale mall and see how the customer service is like there.
  6. I'm a big RTW fan and yes, RTW 50% off sale time if you can find your size in what you want

    Can't wait to see your reveal go GO GO!