A birthday Miracle! (long,. sorry(

  1. :yes: Greetings, purse lovers all!

    Today was my birthday...but that's not what I want to share....

    This evening I experienced a piece of heaven. My co-workers of many years decided to celebrate my b-day with me. We had such a fantastic time together. Not a big deal, but we had suffered ruptures, and disagreements and it had been several years before we could come together like we used to. It was orchestrated by one of my oldest and sweetest friends. Funny, it was like none of the silliness had ever happened. Went to have steak (sorry, vegetarians, I am a omnivore) at a place on the Upper West Side in New York City--Pampa. it's one of my favorite place, but never mind.) The food was very good, but I greatly appreciated being to celebrate with my friends and that is a miracle enough, but I also had unknowingly dropped my Damier strap in the restaurant. It had fallen to the floor. and one of servers caught up with us! I use it on my Speedy sometimes, but they returned it. Obviously, they didn't know what it was. That was another miracle, beause is New York. Anyone that has either lost something of value or lives in a big city would appreciate this, so I thought I would share. Thanks for listening. Love you all.
  2. Happy Birthday...what good luck!
  3. Happy Birthday! So glad you had a great night :smile:
  4. Glad you got your strap back, goes to show not everyone knows what Louis is:nuts: By the way we are birthday buddies, mine's today as well:party:
  5. Happy b-day, bag freak!I hope yours was as great!:yes:
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. :party:
  7. Glad you had such a nice birthday!

    Happy birthday to you and to BagFreak!
  8. Happy Birthday!:party: Congrats!:balloon:
  9. Hey...Happy Birthday:balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: