A birkin for me?

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  1. I've fallen in love with the Birkin and am endeavouring to save up for one, but I'm hopelessly clueless with how practical it would be for me. I'm 20 and a full-time law student, and I cart my laptop (32cm x 27cm) and all my gear everywhere with me.

    It's a hefty load, and I don't know if I can commute to school holding the Birkin in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. :rolleyes: I'm eyeing the 35cm but would that fit my laptop (plus my compact, wallet, keys, perfume, pens, small drink bottle maybe?)? Would it be too much to carry that around all day?

    Moreover, am I too young for a Birkin? Would people eye me up and down and conclude that I'm carrying a fake/trying too hard/look too out of place?

    Sorry for bugging everyone with these questions, I just wanted to make sure that I'm making the right decision using my head, not just my heart! :girlsigh:
  2. I can fit my laptop in a 35cm, but, oh my, that would be too heavy to lug around all day. In regards to the age question, I find the Birkin an ageless piece.
  3. Hi and welcome to our happy Hermes home! I never tell anyone they are too young if they will appreciate and treasure the bag. And who cares what anyone thinks? If you love the Birkin, nothing should stop you from getting one whenever you can. Yes, a 35cm will fit some of the smaller laptops plus a few essentials. A 40cm would fit them a little better. Keep in mind that both 35 and 40cm are quite heavy if done in Togo or clemence leather (unfortunately the most popular for Birkins.) Chevre leather (goat) is much lighter but much more rare. I have some lower back issues so I don't stuff my Birkin 35 at all. If I were you, I'd carry a shoulder laptop bag for your school stuff then carry a Birkin 35 or 30cm for your things. A 35cm used just a purse is fine, too.
  4. Great suggestions, GT.

    with.the.band......you can never be too young or too old for Hermes as long as you appreciate and love their offerings. So, the question of age should not even be a consideration. As far a lugging around a laptop....I've done it and I can tell you even in a Tumi computer sack, it's heavy. Here's what I'd do:

    Computer and dox in a separate tote - something nice like a Tumi would be fine. It'll be heavy anyway but that's the way it goes with electronics. Tumi makes some nice looking, lightweight bags, I think.
    THEN, get a 30cm or 35cm Birkin or 32cm HAC and use that as your everyday bag. You'll LOVE it and it won't get trashed carrying a load of stuff around!
  5. Thankyou for your replies!

    I'm asking the age question because I worry that it'll be unsuitable for the environment I'll be in (law school pretty much all of the time). You're right though, it doesn't matter what people think if I love it (I'm just hoping that it's not too naive to say that since what people think may be a very persuasive factor when it comes to wearing that bag whether I love it or no. Hopefully, this is a maturity problem and I'll grow out of it!)

    I just don't like having more than one bag on me. I always end up stuffing all my things into the one bag as I just feel cluttered with two bags! Can't explain the feeling. I'm a huge fan of oversized bags for that very reason.

    I am truly considering a croc Birkin (again, I'm not the most practical person in the world) but... let's see how the finances go for that. :smile:
  6. I think a Birkin would be great for the things you listed, but it would be very heavy. Have you considered a White Bus (the 39 cm size)? They are really lovely and a bit simpler (as well as lighter!!) than a Birkin. I saw a beautiful cyclamen epsom one in the SF store about 2 months ago ($4400). That is the bag I would personally carry for laptops and work related stuff (as well as use as a handbag). It has some of the structural shape of a Birkin, minus flap, straps and hardware. I think you could really use this bag as the combo handbag/workbag!

    Here's an eBay link to one...but boy are they beautiful in colors!!
  7. I've never heard of that one frenchiefan! I'll look into it, but I have to admit that do really like the hardware on the Birkin, it's shiny and figety and gives the bag a mighty attractive aura.
  8. Oh, I agree!! Just thought I'd suggest a work/hand bag for the interim as you save up for that croc Birkin!! :girlsigh:

    Edited: I can't spell!
  9. with.the.band -- Do you unbind your textbooks (that's what I did when I was in law school so I didn't have to lug around all my books). In that case, you can probably get away with a 35 Birkin!

    I personally think you would be a smashing looking law school student (an envy among all!)
  10. Just wanted to say welcome! :flowers: If you have an Hermes nearby I would definitely check out the bags they have so you can get a feel for the weight of different leathers.
  11. tokyogirl - I scan all my textbooks so I can access them on my laptop! Was the best thing I ever did, so now I rarely need to haul all my textbooks around - just a laptop (2.5kg) and my personal bits and bobs.

    I just realised something, if I'm intent on the croc, I'm roughly 3/5 of the way there (bar any major spending catatrophes between now and then)!
  12. oh, that is TERRIFIC! I guess I am showing my age!
  13. I use a Birkin 35 togo for work, but it is extremely heavy and I would never attempt to put a laptop in it. I do fill it with files, papers, wallet, cosmetic case, etc., etc., etc.

    Now, as far as using it for law school ..... having been to law school and knowing how heavy the books are, etc., I wouldn't recommend it. Prada nylon messenger bags are much better, bigger and the bag itself is lighter. And, it's not as conspicuous, IMHO

    If you get on a waiting list now, you just may get that Birkin for graduation -- what a great present to yourself after all that hard work and after taking the bar exam!! :yahoo:
  14. For what you intend to carry, maybe a 36 HAC would be better, I saw one a month ago in indigo and it looked great for business:flowers: