A Birkin bag made of real chocolate

  1. :drool: Would you eat it, or save it? :p
    Chocolate Birkin.jpg
  2. WoW!!!:nuts:

    Honestly, I probably couldn't resist but eat it...it looks delicious...
  3. OMG!!!!! I thought you were kidding when I read your thread title.

    I wouldn't bear to eat it!!
  4. :drool: :drool: What a hard question!...... I would eat it ...hehehe:p
  5. Eat it ^^ No point in letting it spoil ;)
  6. yum!

  7. I roll on it. Naked.
  8. I would bring it to bed with me. And eat it!!! Preferably, the BH should be around as well. :graucho:
  9. Yummmmmmmmmmmmy... :drool:

    Is it available in dark chocolate? :lol:
  10. I thought it was a real bag in some divine chocolate color - ie: box calf or something :blush: this is way cool.. I will take alot of pictures... gather all the Hermes fans and we shall do the honors of eating the birkin bag ;)
  11. Where is this made???!!!! :drool: :idea:

  12. Yuuumm!
  13. This is the one time I would request ebene and want to share with all my PF buddies!!!
  14. wow, looks yummy. :drool:

  15. LOL!!! I laughed so hard that my coffee spilled all over me. It was worth it!!