A Big Thankyou to Larissa73 !!!

  1. Hi everyone so some of you might of read my posts on me not getting a Pomme Catalogue, because the SA at my local LV gave the last one away infront of me even though I had asked earlier and he said that they had none :wtf: ...anyway a wonderful PF member...Larissa73 PM'd me and sent me hers. Anyway it arrived and its Lovely, I love Pomme !. Thankyou so much Larissa...you are so kind :flowers:

  2. What a nice person!
  3. aw thats so sweet.:crybaby:
  4. I think so too, with all thats gone on in the LV sub forum recently...this shows that we DO have some amazing and helpful members. Thanks :flowers:
  5. Awwww... How nice of you Larissa!!! Congrats Steve. ;)
  6. Larissa, that's so sweeet!! Congrats Steve!
  7. awe that was soooo sweet!
  8. aawww so sweet
  9. aww that is soo sweet! I want one too! lol!
  10. Thats refresing.. Steve- can you show us some pics of whats inside... please, please, I haven't seen that catalog yet... looks wonderful..
  11. Congrats! That was a very nice thing to do
  12. Very nice! Kudos to Larissa!
  13. Hi I will take some more later, its a great catalogue. I hope thats ok :flowers:
  14. wonderful steve--thanks for sharing a story of kindness--makes me feel good!
    larissa--you're very sweet!
  15. Very sweet!