A BIG thank you to...

  1. Pat/Boxermom!!
    I received the packages!
    I also sent you a private message. :biggrin:

    & I have a question.

    Did anyone else send things along with Pat in that package?
    B/c I'd like to properly thank everyone involved.

    You ladies on here are all beautiful & amazing people with kind hearts!

    I will be on here more often now b/c we got a computer at home.

    I missed you all!
  2. hey, how is everything?
  3. Aw, Pat is the sweetest gal ever! She's one of the most thoughtful women I've ever known!
  4. Hey, V. I got the PM and I'm glad you received some Coach goodies to start a new collection after losing yours in the fire. (I just went off on my own--too impatient as usual--and picked out a few things to mail)

    If you have a chance, post a pic or 2. Good luck with everything.

    P.S. You are so right--it's an amazing group of people here--a very caring community.
  5. That was so nice of Boxermom! What Coach goodies did you get in your package?! (if you don't mind me asking!)
  6. Hey ladies! Things are going great! I'm doing a lot better. :biggrin:
    I'll post pics when I can. :biggrin:
  7. ilovecoach09~ VICTORIA

    I don't know why...but you popped into my head this morning, and I thought I'd do a search to remember your name (I was kindof new here at that time of your fire), and I think that I possibly have ESP, because here you are, you are back...weird!!! Glad to see you are back. Hope all has been working out ok for you with all the mess you have been through.
  8. I'm really glad you are back and you are feeling better!