A Big "THANK YOU" to Mokoni

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  1. Thank you for posting those pics of the scarf print bag!!! It totally helped me track down the bag i needed!!! Its about 9x6x4.. and if its too small, I'll just get the next one, style #11116!

    So... YAY!!! :yahoo:

    I found this!!! Now I just have to have the patience for shipping!! Argh!


    (The other styles I found were 40657 thru 40659, and this one is 40658)
  2. Awesome - I am so glad you found what you wanted! I'm waiting for a bag right now, too, that's supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. It's nothing but pure torture. :p
  3. I love my scarf print! 11115:

    it's 10 x 3 x 5 and I wish it was a bit bigger so you definatly want to find the other bag!