A BIG thank you to Lescoy

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  1. I don't know if many of you read my thread last week about being scammed by a person called 123-captainkirk on Ebay...he sent me a supposed ‘genuine E/W Mulberry’ which infact turned out to be a horrendous fake half leather/half pastic 'Mulberry' E/W and took £300 from me for it. I was disgusted and lodged a complaint that it was SNAD with Paypal and Ebay....

    He then proceeded to send me abusive nasty e-mails for lodging the complaint.

    Well, I posted about my experience with him here on tpf and Lescoy read about it and pm'd me and offered to help me to get my money back from Paypal.

    I hope I am allowed say this here, because I think it is something that should be put out there...everyone knows how slow and unreliable some authentication services can be and some other authentication services do not have Mulberry expertise.....so I just wanted to let you all know...

    Lescoy has sent up a new authentication service (similar to My Poupette/Carol Diva) and Paypal accepted the statement from her without hesitation. I’d highly recommend her services if you ever have the unfortunate need to try claim your money back for a fake like I did. Her service is called Fakespotters.

    Just want to thank her so much, she was so helpful to me....always answered my e-mails with lightning speed and was no nice, encouraging and gave me such good advice.

    Please don’t remove this thread from here because I think it’s a great service offered, it’s something people should know about, esp. Mulberry lovers as I know Mulberry won’t authenticate themselves anymore....and I am truly grateful for everything Lescoy’s done for me. I got my £300 back and my £14.50 postage charge too.

    Glad I did cos I had already bought a proper E/W from the Harrods website which I am waiting to be delivered this week...happy ending!!! :yahoo::biggrin::yahoo:

  2. I do like a story with a happy ending. Congratulations on your new bag and thanks for sharing such a valuable piece of info.
  3. Thank goodness for a happy ending and great to know paypal will accept authentication from other places other than Mulberry itself.
    3 cheers for Lescoy!!!!:yahoo:
  4. It is so nice to read a story like this!
    And good luck with your new E/W, it is a lovely bag I think, I for sure love mine!!
  5. Blondie, that's great news, glad you got your money back and the story has a happy ending.

    That's great about the authentication service, Lescoy you are a star!
  6. Ah lovely, it's nice to have a good story on a Monday morning!

    Sounds like you had a stressful time with the scammer.
  7. Bravo to Lescoy.
    Blondie so pleased that it worked out well in the end. Enjoy your genuine e/w
  8. Lescoy is a star - she looks after all of us like a mother hen suporting her chicks.
  9. That's wonderful! Enjoy your new authentic east west
  10. That's great news :biggrin:
  11. Yes, great news Blondie! Hope you'll have time to let us have a look at your beautiful new Bays - and good luck with your other new arrival too!
  12. that's great to hear. After Mulberry withdrew their authentication service, Ebay has become even more of a minefield.
  13. I am so pleased everything worked out well in the end, was thinking about you the other day Blondie, wondering what had happened.

    Thanks Lescoy, what a star! x
  14. i'm glad that it worked out well for you :nuts: and thanks for sharing your experience, i'm sure it will be helpful for anyone who finds himself in that situation! (though i hope this won't happen to anyone else, too!!)
  15. Wonderful news!
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