A big THANK YOU to Boxermom for my OP!

  1. I managed to get my hands on an Old Petra Sloane, thanks to Boxermom who helped me track one down and went out of her way being so kind and helpful!:tup::tup:

    I love love love :love: this colour it is so neutral and beautiful. Now that I have it in my hands I can finally see the difference between Nappa and Nappa Umbria bags. The Nappa bags have a more shiny and uniform appearence whereas the NU bags are more matte in their finish and definately tonal. I've posted a close up pic of the leather so that you can see the tonal variations more clearly. I literally walked all around the house to find the perfect place to capture the true colour of his bag, because in certain lights it looks more brown I'm so excited I even went what the hell and posted some action pics (even though I hate photos of myself!!!) Enjoy!:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. hi syma, the old petra weave is gorgeous! it's a fantastic buy.
  3. Many congrats Syma! You've been amassing quite a few BV bags haven't you. ;) OP is one of my fav colours of all time. Unfortunately I still do not have any OP item on hand.

    Boxermom is the sweetest ever!
  4. syma, congrats. It looks totally beautiful on you, especially with dark color outfit.
  5. Syma- You look so beautiful with your new bag. Boxermom is the best!
  6. Thanks ACA, Ms Piggy, Dolphingirl and NWpurselover for all your kind words and ITA with all of you that boxermom is the best!

    BTW Ms piggy your right about amassing BV lately, lol. I'm so in love with the lightness of these bags compared to their size and they look so much better broken in. I'm on the lookout to add ottone to my collection and then I'll be happy!
  7. Syma, you and that sloane both look fabulous. Congratulations!
  8. now that's gorgeous! :drool: have to agree with NWpurselover..boxermom is the best! :heart:
  9. syma the bag is really, really beautiful, and YOU are really beautiful too!

    yay to boxermom for her help too :flowers:
  10. Syma... lovely bag!!!! Love the sloane... :tup: & she looks awesome on you too!
  11. Thank you Valkyrie, gee and oogiewoogie for your kind words and Mundodabolsa you make me :blush:.

    Boxermom is definately my BV :angel:

  12. syma,

    i LOVE the color of your old petra sloane! can i ask how much you've worn it so far? i love the pictures i see of the sloane, but when i tried it on at the BV store i felt like i was carrying a balloon under my shoulder... does it sag more with use?
  13. I only just received it a couple of days ago!!! So I haven't worn it that much. You have to try the bag on without the stuffing and something inside to make it less bulky under the arm. The large veneta or campana are definatley more slimline under the arm, but once the BV's are broken in they get more slouchy. Here are some lovely pics of Jane's broken in pyramid bag, which has a similar shape to the sloane IMO.

  14. I have said it before and I will say it again...Boxermom is truly a wonderful person!

    Congratulations to you!!!
  15. Congrats Syma on another beautiful BV. The OP sloane is so elegant on you! You are one hot chica ;)

    Boxermom is such a sweetheart!