A big thank you from Petite Noe and me :)

  1. Thanks so much OP for the great idea...so this is my old Noe Epi with a little touch of glamour :yahoo:

    I always felt like the Black Epi is a little...well let's say boring (sorry :p ) - well not anymore
    P1200021 (Medium).JPG P1200023.JPG
  2. Aww super cute and pretty ! Love it.
  3. Yay! Thanks to mickloisme's creativity!:yes:
  4. Looks nice!!!
  5. very nice!!!!!
  6. Awesome idea!
    It looks beautiful.
    I bet it goes with everything!
    (And if it doesnt, you can keep changing the scarf!)
  7. ooh that looks great! Reminds me of a blouse with an oversized bow.
  8. Thank you very much everybody - I find it a little bit to long actually and I don't like the fact that the bow is THAT big but I'm much easier to get in and out than before
  9. Very nice;)
  10. Looks fab!
  11. All the credit goes to savvy blonde..she gave me the idea...and I :heart: it!
    Looks amazing! I'm so glad you tried it too! YAY!:yahoo:
    It's very dangerous for me, bc I'm already imagining a white epi petit noe with a black and white scarf...how great would that be!!!:nuts: ...I"m hopeless, incorrigible, forgive me, something is wrong with me for getting so excited about these kinds of things...
  12. Cute!
  13. wow, so nice, I hope I still have petit noe now :p
  14. Oh it's YOU !!! Thank you, thank you :love:

    And don't talk about DANGER - I'm the same - I already have my eyes on a Black Multicolore scarf (bandeau) on eBay :wlae:
  15. Love it!!! Oh I am thinking of a white Noe too! :drool: