A big thank you for PF member, graceful

  1. Over a year ago, I started a thread in which I stated I love Burberry Brit. graceful apparently saw it and -- being so incrediblythoughtful, considerate and wonderful, sent me a PM asking me if I would like to have her bottle since it did not suit her! And I just received it in the mail today!

    I'm so happy to have a bottle because mine sadly exploded during a very hot day in southern California, inside my car... and I'm so cheap about perfume that I hadn't the heart to replace it. Now I've got another bottle, thanks to Grace!

    It is such a warm gesture that I whole-heartedly appreciate. Most of you know how spectacular Grace is, but it really does not hurt to reconfirm one more time!
  2. Graceful has always been one of the more thoughtful PFers on the board, and I'm not surprised that she sent you the perfume.

    Enjoy it!
  3. How nice! Graceful is a real sweetie! There are just so many wonderful people here.:heart:
  4. That is so thoughtful of her! Thanks for sharing that great story.
  5. LOVE her! Always so thoughtful and willing to help!
  6. I am so happy that the perfume got to you safely and I hope you enjoy it!

    I have to say Annie is such a valuable member of this forum. I love reading her posts and she starts the most interesting threads. I am so lucky to have found this forum and have gotten to know so many of you over the past few years. I love this place!

    Of course, being the very sweet person that she is, Annie sent me a Gift Card to Sephora as a thank you. That was completely unexpected and so wonderful! I really appreciate it!!!
  7. ^ that so sweet of you!!!
  8. Aw, how sweet of you, graceful!

    And I know IntlSet, Brit smells great!
  9. Awww, another lovely story. Thanks for sharing. It's really nice to visit here and see something sweet and warm happening everyday!!
  10. How sweet and thoughtful! People here on tPF are really great!
  11. Thats so nice and thoughtful...of both of you!
  12. aww what a sweet RAOK!!
  13. That is so thoughtful! we have great people on this forum:smooch:
  14. :tpfrox: and so do our members!
  15. whoops!
    tPF minds think alike!