A big teaser ;)

  1. Ladies, I got a HG bag!! I am so excited I have no words.
    Here's a hint: It's GREY. It's QUILTED. It's NOT the mayfair.
    I got it for $455 but retailed way over $1000. First person to guess wins! LOL...
    tick tock tick tock.....
  2. I'm so excited for you lovekoobabags!!! A grey quilted bag sounds gorgeous...

    Let's see...if it's not the mayfair...could it be the mix quilted tote???

    Or is it the Margot??? (this is totally a long shot since I do not know if this bag was made in grey quilted...)
  3. is it a grey mixed quilted tote???
    i can keep on guessing...i have a few others in mind too!
  4. my guess is the mix quilted e/w tote.
  5. My first thought was a Mouse Grey Stam - now that would be some find!!

    Do we win the bag if we guess?!?! :p;)
  6. :search:Stop playin' tell US WHAT YA FOUND! :popcorn:

    Is it the Margot?
  7. I am going to say the Venetia!
  8. Okay, can you tell us which season?
  9. the stam? i dont know. but whatever bag it is, you must share on how you got it for such a great price!
  10. Mouse Alyona?
  11. ^^ after posting "the stam" as my answer, i came back to post my second guess, which was the alyona! ;)
  12. grey mixed quilted tote or mouse hobo stam! CONGRATS!!
  13. ^ mouse hobo stam. that's a good guess.

    argh, are you going to tell us today? i hate waiting. :hysteric:
  14. I'm guessing the grey Alyona.
  15. Ack!! Hurry up and tell us!! :hysteric::p