A BIG Surprise!!

  1. Someone, who shall remain nameless, sent me a gold Marc Jacobs Venetia keychain!! I just got a package from Norstroms,inside was the suprise!! I thought I would never find one, everyone I called was sold out!! It is so great!! A big thank you to her and all of the wonderful gals at TPF.:heart::yahoo::love::p:woohoo:
  2. OMG!:wtf: That is so freaking sweet!! Congrats!!:woohoo:
    Wish I had someone to do something like that for me...:girlsigh:
  3. Wow - how nice was that? Congrats on finally getting one!
  4. Gotta love tPF. What a super nice surprise! Conrats.
  5. Congrats Muggles, that is so sweet, what a nice,kind and thoughtful person the secret tpfer is.
    enjoy your little venetia :smile:
  6. That is so awesome!!!! Congrats on your new little MJ!
  7. aw cute :smile: i saw them at Nordies (roosevelt field mall) yesterday, on sale for $51! what a great suprise!
  8. How wonderful!! I love how everyone helps each other out here. I didn't send the keychain, but it's always fun to send a secret ROAK gift in the mail.
  9. that's so sweet and thoughtful! I love this forum!
  10. that was really nice...i would have loved that gift!
  11. how sweet is that??? I love you guys! you all make me smile here in Mj land!
  12. Aww! So sweet!
  13. Aw that is so nice! You guys are all so nice...i'm so glad i'm a member..:flowers:
  14. Congrats!!! Awww, that's really too nice. Ahh TPF your wonderful!! :tender:
  15. That is sooo nice. tPF is the best, you guys are awesome.