A Big Surprise at the Post Office!!!

  1. Today I received a huge surprise in the mail.


    Here's the background....
    Been in a slump. Had a bad day yesterday....SA forgot to send my package, felt a little down in the Hermes area....obessing shallowly about a bag in a foreign land that I cannot seem to buy, bla bla bla....

    DH came home in a crabby mood and left me a Post Office slip. OH YAY, my printer cartridges have arrived.

    So this morning, I set out for the feed store, in our broken down junky suburban field truck, which has grass growing in the back seat...because I dont want hay in my car...

    Stopped by the post office for my printer cartridges. Big Whoop. Its under construction, and a long line. I almost bailed....

    But they called for pink slips, and I gave them mine...

    They brought out a HUGE BOX!!!

    I was afraid I over ordered. I did this once....
    But wait, the box is from....

    The Queen Ebabler!!!!!
  2. Come On CB.......Tell Us More!!!!

    ***You Are So Sweet ~ I'm Glad There Was A Wonderful Suprise!!!
  3. More, more , more!!!!
  4. Need to know!!!
    don't tease me CB!
    i have a frosty drink in my hand and am standing by.....
  5. More!!!
  6. c'mon now. spill it!
  7. I dashed home.
    The horses can eat later.

    I dashed upstairs with my box.....
    Good thing I came home....I had left without taking my little doxie off the bed.

    Whats in the box, mom
    watsin the box mom.JPG
  8. Hurry, glass slowly emptying... can't refill till I hear...
  9. This is what was in the box, you cute little weenie!!!

    in the bag.JPG
  10. We're getting impatient..............it's Friday, don't tease us. LOL
  11. Hey who are you calling Weenie?:p
  12. Ok Rocker, I will make it snappy....

    But, I can hardly believe it myself, and I am shaking a little....

    Here she is....

    unveiled 1.JPG
  13. What's a weenie?
  14. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  15. she sent you a bag? as a gift? and it was her barenia kelly?