a BIG REASON to BACK UP your computer!

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  1. Yikes. I do try to back-up regularly now. One good thing about Macs, incidentally -- fewer viruses out there are targeting them.
  2. If only the people who come up with these viruses would use that creative energy to be productive. Could you imagine the good things they could be capable of? Sad waste of talent. :o(
  3. Yeah, backing up regularly is a must these days there are people out there with way to much time on their hands.

    Thanks for posting.
  4. :lol: Talk about a get-rich-quick scheme. Give me $300 or I'll hold your documents hostage! That's creative :suspiciou
  5. It's kind of scary. I'm thinking I should do another backup soon...
  6. I really need to put all my pictures onto CD...this post has inspired me to do so tomorrow. :smile:

    By the way, do people have nothing better to do in their lives than think of ways to be mean. Gah!
  7. Oh goodness. Yep, been backing up regularly now since I got caught up in the whole Diary-x crash fiasco X_x That was a nightmare, but thankfully I only lost about. . .I'd say 10 entries. Thanks classwhore for the warning! I can't be having my work held hostage!
  8. wow! that is crazy! losing work is never a good feeling. i remember in my first year of university i had to hand in a rather lengthly paper that i'd worked hard on, only to have the computer die and for me to loose it all. it was horrible!
  9. Geeze... that is just awful but thanks for the heads up. It is really important to back up your computer and sick viruses like this should give you so much more incentive!
  10. This is changing though. You should always back up your documents, even if virus don't compromise your machine- a thief can jack your computer. :smile: If you have an ipod with extra space, back up with your ipod. External memory is pretty cheap these days. If you need a device for cheap, check out www.bensbargains.net- my favorite website for my dorky needs.
  11. I have a mac, so I really don't have those problems but I will start backing up my files from now on, just as a precaution.