A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Fendi gal

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  1. ...and authenticator, LITIGATRIX!

  2. thank you!
  3. Happy birthday!! :flowers: (I posted in the other thread too :P)
  4. Have a great day! So what's your birthday wish?
  5. I think my birthday wish is to leave work at 6 today :yes:
  6. So what new bag would you like for your birthday?
  7. I actually just got a Chanel 226 reissue in metallic blue last month -- so that's it for me for a while! If I had to choose one... the cute little fendi bag that looks like a chanel flap (don't remember the name!) would be nice!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :party:
  9. Dear Lit, I wish you all the best for your special day, A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY.:drinks::party:
  10. [​IMG]Happy birthday!![​IMG]
  11. thank you keya, daisyfay, saichy, and roxana!
  12. Happy Birthday L, Hope you get out of work by 6 today. Been nice 'meeting' you on the PF, you're one of many lovely and helpful people here. Hope you have a great evening after work with your DH. :smile:

    PS: Would love to see photos of you new chanel.
  13. <------- Hope you got your birthday wish and had a few of these, lol! Happy Birthday! :drinkup:
  14. Happy Birthday Litigatrix!
  15. Liti - Happy BIRTHDAY!!! May all your dreams come true and may you get all the bags you want! :heart: :heart: BL