A big, fat change of heart...

  1. OK. I don't like the Plume. Everyone knows that. It reminds me of an old Ladies Bowling Bag (Lawn Bowls, sort of like pettanque (sp?).

    I tried on an etoupe Victoria FT last week - far too chunky on me, but I'd like a bag that fits that bill: you know, discreet, good volume, fits over the shoulder......

    *#%$!!!!. I think I need a Plume!

    Please tell me, Girls, there is a 28 and a 32, correct? And the Elan? Plume lovers, is this a GF bag, afterall???????????:wtf::nuts:
  2. I wish I could help but I know nothing about them!!

  3. ^^LOL! You crack me up! Maybe the Plume is for you afterall;)
  4. Maybe Inside I'm just an old lady with a Lawn Bowls fetish........
  5. The Plumes don't go over the shoulder though. :push:
  6. No Lindy?

  7. Whaddya mean, inside? :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Would love to hear how the Plume works for you! I would still prefer the no-metal of the VFT around the handles and the general look of it, plus the toile lining. Ahh, if only the made the VFT less deep...
  8. GF!!! The plume is a gorgeous, functional bag. I can wear my 28cm on my shoulder and my arms are, uh, ample (shall we say...). I think you would look great with a plume!
  9. ^Ahhh! That's what I thought, Sue, I think Shopmom wears hers on her shoulder, too. OK, Orchids, maybe I'll have to try it out on my own shoulder, because my SA said what you said, that I can't wear it on my shoulder......bloody Hermes and their short handles......

  10. Awww.....no. When I was in NY, one of the other TPF'ers described the Lindy as a camera bag, and I just can't get that image out of my head!!! LOL!! It's a shame, because my store ahs a LOT of these, they just don't sell very well, here....:shrugs:
  11. does the Elan have longer handles? ie: because it's longer and shorter, the handles are therefore longer? Or am I talking crap again?
  12. I like the plume design a lot - probably because it's very different -- and has a zip - and I love that the straps can fold down! For me I don't see it as a shoulder bag - but then again - I don't want a shoulder bag lol!! It is a lovely bag though....isn't it funny how we do change our minds??
  13. A couple of people said they attached a long strap to the hardware of the plume, crosswise. That might be a good solution.
  14. Love the plume!! I can fit everything in it without making any unsightly bulges or bumps (I wish I could say that about my mid-section).