a big decision!

  1. hey all -
    i need your advice. do you think $400 is too much to spend on a pair of shoes? they're CL's that im in love with. the most ive ever spent on shoes was around $350 - but they were boots. im a bag girl all the way, so im having trouble deciding. what would you do?
  2. If you love it get it! hehee
  3. i second javaboo! if you can afford them, and you love them, go for it!
  4. Gosh... If you're looking for ppl to talk you OUT of buying shoes, this is so not the sub-forum! :push: :sweatdrop:

    GET 'EM!
  5. ^^^Agree! lol
  6. Get them and feel sexy, confident and happy when you wear them...it'll be worth every dollar you spent on it.
  7. A good fitting pair of shoes that make you feel sexy are priceless. Go for it!
  8. Girl CL's are totally worth it i swear they have the power to make u feel better abt urself (maybe i'm just crazy). I assure u that u will love them.
  9. i think if you like it really, go for it
  10. Go for it!
  11. not a bad price for CL's...you know you won't stop thinking about them so go for it...;)
  12. you girls are a bad influence!! tPF is NOT the place to go if you're trying to save $$ that's for sure. i have to agree with jfhave i think it's an amazing price for a pair of CL's. thank you all for your input - i'll let you know what i decide, if i get 'em i'll make sure i post in the CL section!!