a big change

  1. Hi guys!!

    I'm feeling really wierd right now. My very best friend, with whom I have always gone out to the bars and clubs every weekend, is now pregnent. She stays home now. Of course we still hang out all the time...but this whole part of my life is over. Normally, I'd be at clubs now, meeting new guys. Now I'm home alone. It's just a crazy new twist to my life. I used to be the 'tamer" one. Now I have to be supportive w/ my pregnent but crazy/wild friend, but meanwhile, I MISS GOING OUT!!!!

    Any thoughts or similar situations?

    Thanks so much, this forum i a lifesavr!!!!:love:
  2. Can you hang out with other friends (they dont have to be girls)?
  3. The Exact Situation Is Happening To Me
  4. My gF bot pregnant and when i first found out I was shocked but everyone has to grow up but the worst part is I am the youngest in the group and all my friends are a couple year older and now I'm left behind.....i have to find nnew friends...but yea it changes things....
  5. I remember the very first time that happened to me. The only difference is that I'm the wild one. I had to get used to not having my "partner" around on the weekends. I just made new friends but still remained close to her.
  6. Sucks to grow up! but its gonna catch up with all of us some time! Believe or not..It will only get better!!
  7. Oh yes! Well, not quite...I moved to Tennessee to be with my husband, and besides him I have no one here. At least nobody who is a good replacement for my friends so far...not that I'm trying to replace them...now i'm rambling. My point is...I have not gone out to a club dancing with friends since the last time I was in Canada, which was last august!!! So you can imagine how I feel...I just talked to one of my friends tonight and another friend was in town and they were going out to the place we used to go to all the time... in fact, they are there as we speak! *siiiiiigh*
  8. Danica!!!! I would love to go out right now!!! If only you were in Key west...Dh is so far into his Xbox at the moment he my be inside of it soon...I can not wait for Monday (when he goes back the real world) BUT I STILL WANT TO GO OUT~!!!!!
  9. ^^ LOL and my husband is passed out from a day of drinking in the sun, but if he wasn't he'd be playing Call of Duty!

    I would love to go out!!! perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle?!