a big brown box has arrived from rue cambon ~ woo hoo!

  1. well they certainly took their time getting here ~ but my goodness were they worth the wait! ~ my metallic green & metallic navy reissues were delivered this morning from paris & they are gorgeous! ~ here are some pics that i took this afternoon ~ i will try & take a few more outside over the weekend ~ weather permitting!
    DSC00031.JPG DSC00036.JPG DSC00038.JPG DSC00057.JPG DSC00061.JPG
  2. :drool: Wow, love the green! congrats on two metallics!:yahoo:
  3. Gorgeous bags!!!!!
  4. a few more ..........................
    DSC00078.JPG DSC00079.JPG DSC00084.JPG DSC00102.JPG DSC00111.JPG
  5. Oh gosh Viki, I'm excited for you, but your pictures are SO SMALL! Can you make them bigger so we can see the dark green, please?:flowers:
  6. Gorgeous! Beautiful! but I can't see them clearly because the photos are so small :sweatdrop:
  7. a few shots of my other babies who make up my small chanel family ~ starting with Leo :love: ~ my souvenir from a trip to madrid with dh ~ & that was it! ~ another addiction begins! ~ my beloved baby coco cabas & the secret label bag which was a christmas gift from dh along with my eletric blue & bubblegum bals ~ my other bad habbit! :lol:
    DSC00146.JPG DSC00147.JPG DSC00148.JPG DSC00150.JPG
  8. Again I am swooning :tender:over the new metallics - so, so lovely!

    I can't wait to see pictures of the green outside.
  9. sorry girls i am so awful at this technical stuff & dh isn't around tonight! ~ can anyone tell me what to do to make 'em bigger?! ~ help!!! :lol:
  10. wow, great collection. congrats!
  11. Congrats!! Can you add some bigger pics??
  12. Viki, are they large on your computer? Email them to me (you have my email addy) and I can post them for you if they are larger.
  13. OMG they're so gorgeous! I can't wait for bigger pics so I can drool over them more :drool:
  14. LOL, the photos are soooo small...but I can still tell those reissues are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Especially love the navy... :love: :love:
  15. to think how i tortured myself (& everyone else) over the green! ~ i think it's got to be the most beautiful bag i have ever owned! ~ i was scared it was going to be too blingy but it is not at all ~ & it is a definate green :woohoo: ~ Thierry was so right when he told me to *think metallic khaki* ~ i absolutely love it! ~ i can't stop looking at it! ~ :nuts: ~ the navy is beautiful too ~ much more subtle than the other metallic colours & quite dark.

    just wanted to say big thank yous to Mon ~ Babe ~ Ceci ~ Firey & all the UK Girls & everyone else for putting up with a chanel novice's endless questions & providing all the gorgeous pics to keep me going 'til my own eventually got here! ~vx~