A BIG BIG BIG box arrived today!!!

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  1. I'm a bit late on the sales, having been on holiday when they started. However, still managed to grap a few bargains!

    My box arrived today and i just ripped it open! No finesse here:yahoo:

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  2. :yahoo:

    Shooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww Ussssssssssss!! :nuts:
  3. I purchased 5 things! Firstly the A4 tote in lipstick pink - the colour in this photo pretty much matches it IRL. Nice bag, lightweight and so matches my new keyring! Gun metal hardwear.

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  4. Oooh gorgeous! I have that keyring and its lovely! Congrats! :yahoo:
  5. :drool: .. do I spy a little turquoise make up bag?
  6. Fantastic! Love the keyring against the lipstick colour, it looks perfect!
  7. I just bought the little pouch in this colour today and I love it!!!!
  8. Now for the Purple canvas Roxanne. Not everyone's taste - bit of a marmite bag - but I love it. The colour is so vibrant. Never really liked the Roxanne style but this is one wow bag.

    There is a little black mark on one of the front pockets. Can't tell if is a splash from the inking or the colour lifted. Comtemplated returning for one in pristine condition but too much hassle and hardly noticeable. Photo again is true to life.

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  9. The keyring looks great against the Tote, congrats!
  10. Ohhh lovely!
  11. Ohhhh all lovely!! But two more?? Hurry, I will have to serve dinner soon!!!
  12. And yes finally the make up bag - though its huge!!! Thought it would be a make up bag -DOHHHH but its more like a wash bag - though I'm sure I took the measurements right. Can't be bothered to return it,as it's lovely but not fit for the purpose with which I brought it.

    Also got 2 other keyrings - zodiacs signs but no piccies of them. All in all, happy with my purchases.

    PS I know that makes 6 but I already brought the heart keyring.

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  13. Wowee- what a splurge!! Now i want to see some modelling pics!
  14. Wow lovely splash of colours, make up bag/wash bag never mind, it's such a 'holding shape well' bag, you will find the perfect use of it I'm sure!

    Congrats all over again!!
  15. :woohoo:

    What a fab, colouful haul you have there!! Congrats!! :biggrin: