A Big BAG gap!!!


Mar 9, 2006
GT...sometimes a color you love just adds everything to an outfit. Say you love BJ...it can make all the difference when you throw it on you. It would define who you are! (and put that glow in your face) Look at this as your fun bag...the one that you would take a risk with. You sound like you are a neutral gal in your clothes choices, so a smaller colored bag would be wonderful.


Mar 14, 2006
Sounds like a great vacation GT!! Do you feel you like brights? Missing your orange by chance? I would try something bright and fun...if that's what you feel...I also like etoupe but it's been suggested it might be too neutral for me...just a thought!
Feb 17, 2007
I'm with you. I think this sounds like a perfect summer bag. What color? All sound fun. One thing...I have a chartruse bag...at first I thought it didn't go with anything. The more I wear it...I realize it goes with everything.


Feb 28, 2006
GT, a bj clemence evelyne (or bolide) would be soo right for the beach or resort. I found a similar bag gap myself while at a Maui resort and decided I need a 28 bj kelly, lol. Maybe a toile garden party, too, for the towels, extra clothes and water bottles...
Thank you, Mizzle!!
I thought Bolide, but where I was it was all sand, sunscreen, people everywhere, beach boardwalkk - even the Bolide would have felt hot to hand carry (maybe the leather handles)
Everyone else had cute, cool straw totes and messengers.

A GP would've been nice but it's just too wide at the base for me. I also cringe at getting sand all over that nice bag! hehe

The Kelly woul've been nice for evening, but not right having to deal with my kids.
Oct 12, 2006
I DO like Evelynes best in color - just plays on the whimsy of the bag. Potiron DOES work for me.

I just need to try them all on.
I really appreciate everyone's insight!!!
My original idea was to get potiron. It arrived and I didn't like it because, while the bag was a gorgeous muted pumpkin color, the strap was an intensely bright orange. It overwhelmed the bag IMHO... it's all I saw.

What about considering red? There's one on eBay right now if you want to see the color:
Aug 9, 2006
Hi GT,

I think Barenia is suppose to be waterproof...Where is HG to answer this question. There is one on ebay in Barenia Ebene though.

I would love BJ, but it isn't for me...tried.:sad:

How about Rouge G, or Raisin. Though I love Etoupe...I would be worried for it to get dirty and the dirt showing esp. on the canvas strap (I'm ANAL:P)

Good Luck, Can't wait to see what you get!;)


Aug 26, 2006
I vote for Etoupe or Blue Jean as well. I think the Orange would be hard for me to incorporate. Does anyone here with Evelynes in Etoupe find the canvas strap to be difficult to keep pristine? That is my only concern with Etoupe, the canvas strap seems so "light". But overall I think it is a nice neutral for summer if you have dark hair.

Also, I see way more Blue Jean Evelynes where I live than Etoupe which sways me a bit.


Mar 6, 2006
:graucho: Do it...you know you want Blue Jean!!! :yahoo:
Such a great bag! But I love Etoupe too. I miss my Evelyne like crazy. Someday I'll get another. They are just so easy and comfy to carry!


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