A Big BAG gap!!!

  1. Long post warning!!!

    So, I just got back from a fab. family vacation in Hawaii. :drool::graucho:Wisely left Kelly at home and also my rouge Trim (the color was not right for the outfits I packed) and I just schlepped my trusty LV Speedy along (holds all my kids' junk...camera...water...just everything.)

    This was the first real resort trip we've done in a long time but after 1-2 days on that Maui beach, I realized something:
    ACK!!!! I neeeeeeed an Evelyne!!!!!!!!!!

    This type of vacation was great because everything was so easy and casual. I could clean up after the beach and just throw on a tank/bermudas/Twilly in my hair or a breezy little dress and a cute pair of flip flops and be all set. But the Speedy felt HOT in that humid weather and kind of kept getting in the way when we were sightseeing or I was trying to manage the kids. ALso, many of the cafes we ate at were literally in faux sand "barefoot" bars (no place to set nice bags!) With my "resort-wear" it also LOOKED too "heavy" and dark. I had to buy a simple woven shoulder bag (like Eric Javits) to tote around for the week. Perfect - but it just wasn't Hermes!! I decided that the ideal bag for that trip would've been an Evelyne pm. Hands-free, casual, lightweight, can be converted to a shoulder bag using a charm. Seriously, much of my week was spent whining over an Evelyne and I won't take another trip like this without one!!! :nogood:

    So, after years of going back and forth about this bag, I'm 100% sure I'm getting one. I'm just not sure about color. I've always loved it in Blue Jean, but lately I've been intrigued by Etoupe! No chocolate or black (too much in my closet and too dark for the look I want.) But I want it to be an everyday type of bag that can go with most everything...
    Please help me on color.....!!!!
  2. GT, welcome Home! What a wonderful break you had!

    OK, you know what I've ALWAYS loved...an Evelyne in toile & Blue Jean. What are your thoughts on toile?
  3. Etoupe is lovely...What about Chatruese, Orange, Indigo or Vert Olive?
    Have fun with the Evelyne! I think it works best in fun colors.

    Dont forget about the Evelyne's evil twin the Vespa either...
  4. Thanks! As far as toile, love the look, fear the upkeep. I think I'd be paranoid and not enjoy it.
    I'd love to have one as a second evelyne, though. With Barenia!!!
  5. I am starting to like etoupe more and more.I think this color goes with everything.The evelyne is a great everyday bag,very easy in and out of.And I love the way it can be worn across the body.:yes:
  6. what's your colouring, or the colouring of your wardrobe, mainly?
  7. lol, GT, what a cute post. It's funny how serious one's bag addiction can get...... I am exactly the same. Have a vacation in Brazil coming up, and what's the one thing I am obsessing about.... which bag to take!!There will be a whole thread about this...:rolleyes:

    I am thinking that one must have either an evelyne or massai for these occasions.

    Color... blue jean sounds great, but I would be afraid that it would get 'dirty', same with etoupe. Barenia.. yes, would be great, but hard to find. Black... maybe. Indigo/navy.... I am favoring these for the moment, very versatile.

    Apologies for the ramble.....
  8. I'm glad you had a great time GT! You deserve it!

    Now, go get that Evelyne that your heart has been lusting for years! I love Etoupe and I think it will go perfect with any summer attire
  9. QM, funny you should mention the Vespa because that was the ONLY H bag I saw there (black, being worn by a chic Asian lady!)
  10. etoupe is good! I saw one at BH the other day. gorgeous on an evelyne.
    another one that was really really unforgettable to me..was a ebene evelyne. it was canvas. sooooo beautiful.
  11. I think it depends on the colors of your resortwear (existing or planned). You'd want to bring just one bag probably, so you'd want it to go with everything you bring on your trip.
    Etoupe sounds nice. I might even suggest gold but that's the color of your Kelly already. If your beach vacation clothes are, like mine, mostly white/cream, you could even do classic Hermes orange or turquoise.
  12. I'm fair to medium with dark brown hair. I usually wear chocolate brown, tans, greens (not forest, more like celery or apple or olive, some sky blue, black.
    NO purple, sometimes a tiny splash of pink.

    My fave H colors:
    gold (already have the Kelly)

    I love vert Anis and chartreuse but I don't think they would match my stuff as well as BJ
  13. More later. MY 3 year old is being, well...., 3..ugh.
  14. oh, man, that didn't really help GT! Either etoupe or BJ would go with the majority of your wardrobe, and match your colouring!

    OK, personally, while I like etoupe, I think the Ev. looks so casual chic in Blue Jean, and you KNOW you love Blue Jean, so you can't really go wrong.
  15. Hi Greentea.. Glad you had well-deserved vacation and welcome back!!

    I would vote for Etoupe OR Indigo.. both goes with EVERYTHING!! Goodluck in your hunt!!