A better smile?

  1. I'm not sure if someone's already posted about this but I've been thinking a lot about all of those whitening products out there. Have you guys used any recently and had good results? :biggrin:
  2. there's a TON of threads about teeth whitening.
    Did you do a search?
  3. Swanky said what I was going to say when I read the title of this thread. There are tons and tons of threads, just do a quick search. :yes:
  4. Oops, guess I didn't go far back enough :/
  5. Hanina- a lot of people seem to like Go Smile (there's another thread about it on this page) and I mentioned Nite White Excel in that thread. You have to get trays made for it at the dentist, but it's absolutely the best thing I've tried. I love it :yes:
  6. I have a tray from the dentist but like Crest stips just as well. I get the 'premium' and use them twice a day and really notice a difference.
  7. i also have trays from the dentist, and they are AMAZING! actually, i had the tray parts made from someone on eBay believe it or not! way cheaper than the dentist; they send you this gummy stuff that you bite into and it hardens, you mail that back, and they make the trays. it was about $30! although the whitening gel i add to them is from the dentist.

    i only need to whiten a few nights every couple months. i've had the professional whitening done in the office also, and feel this is just as good, and way cheaper!
  8. i think Go Smile is the best whitening teeth product...unllike crest white..it's not going to feel any paint..yet..it's works..

    try it..if you have a sensitive teeth~:wlae::wlae:
  9. Yeah, I've heard a lot of good things about Go Smile and I only looked at them on the sephora site really quickly but I remember it being on the more expensive side? I'll have to look a little more into them..
    Supersash, the eBay thing sounds pretty interesting but a little sketchy, no? haha well thanks for all the advice ladies!