A Better Result

  1. I made another shirt like the one that was too big. I made sure to make it in the right size and it fits beautifully. I wanted to post a picture with me wearing the shirt, but I am having a not at all photogenic day. I'll try that again later and make sure all parts of my body (including hair) are cooperating. Anyway, I did want you all to see my shirt.
    gauze shirt3.jpg
    gauze shirt4.jpg
  2. You're so talented, it looks soo comfy too! All you need is some long beaded necklaces and you're set.
  3. Thanks, Pursemama!
    It is a loose fitting top with some shaping at the waistline. Very cool in the heat of a Phoenix summer!
    Maybe a couple of 24 or 30 inch strands. I prefer my jewelry small and understated. Red or blue would go nicely or even silver.
  4. Very nice. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you?

  5. Since the top has no closures it took about 3 hours from cutting to throwing the finished top into the washing machine. I've made 3 (all different fabrics and neck treatments) so far including the one which was too big. The top is like a t-shirt without being "t-shirt". Easy and cute!
  6. 3 hours - wow! Well, your shirt looks pretty and comfortable so congrats!
  7. Thanks!
    I have been sewing for over 20 years (it's what I do) and I can whip out projects like this in a very short time. I call them my "instant gratification" projects. The top is very close to beginner level and a great project for some one learning or just starting to sew.