A belated birthday reveal

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  1. So I actually went shopping at the VIP pre-sale back in November but haven't been around to enjoy my to me, from me, love me birthday bag.

    (I'm terrible at suspenseful reveals so I'll make it quick.)

  2. Two goodies!!!

    Unwrapped goodies.

    Close ups...
  3. OOOOO SO COOL we are del Rey twins such wonderful bags enjoy and happy birthday :smile:
  4. Both gorgeous, I think grainy print will be quite hardy too. Very classy
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy birthday :smile:
  6. Wow fabulous birthday pressies enjoy
  7. Two fab goodies...great bags :smile:
  8. Fab birthdays pressies! Love them both, congratulations!! :biggrin:
  9. Bag twin with the fabulous Lilly but the DR is special too! Happy birthday to you;)
  10. Both are absolutely beautiful!
  11. Very well chosen! Size, usage, colour wise. Congrats :yahoo:
  12. Love both your goodies. Congratulations. Fab birthday presents!
  13. Happy birthday! They are both absloutely stunning!
  14. GORGEOUS!! i am also a bag twin with the Lily!! what lovely birthday presents :biggrin:
  15. Gorgeous buys pre10d, especially loving the medium lily and the del rey's a fab bag. Enjoy