a beginner's tiny collection of love!

  1. i started out with coach and kate spade, just got a few lv items which i love... only 19 so it's a small collection but i can't wait to expand!! thanks for looking!

    from left to right. . .

    (back row): kate spade polka dot tote, lv speedy 25, coach patchwork gallery tote

    (middle row): longchamp le pliage in brown, botkier trigger e/w satchel in ecru, kate spade leather and wool bag, coach legacy bag

    (front): coach white wristlet, lv framboise koala wallet, lv pomme d'amour small agenda
  2. Lovely collection:heart:
    Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  3. love ur vernis collectioN! wished i have a few too. hehe
  4. I love it...so clear to see your unique style. Love the choices. mags
  5. Lovely collection, congrats!
  6. lovely collection
  7. nice :yes:
  8. Love that Framboise Koala wallet!!!!
  9. oh! love your vernis agenda! nice collection!
  10. Great collection :smile: I love the pink wallet! I want one :biggrin:!
  11. Great collection for being 19. What will you have at 29???

    Love all your wallets at the front of the pic

    Thanks for sharing
  12. Thanks for all of the kind comments!!
  13. Love the Legacy and Botkier! Great collection!
  14. Nice collection! Love your botkier!!!
  15. Love your collection!! You've got a nice variation of bags there! :heart: