a beautiful vintage Chanel bag never seen before

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  1. Search from japan auction and find this beautiful bag and want to share:drool:
    yhgingloriasosj1578-img600x450-11627174403-44-2.jpg yhgingloriasosj1578-img600x450-11627174553-44-3.jpg yhgingloriasosj1578-img600x450-11627174273-44-1.jpg
  2. wow...never seen it before...:nuts:
  3. Nice...but are you sure about authenticity. Maybe it is better to put it in the authenticity section to authenticate it first!
  4. wow,it even looks brand new.
  5. :wtf: oh my god ..:drool:
  6. wow, what a cool bag. What is the bottom used for? Is this like a travel bag or a regular handbag. Pretty cool looking, if its real.
  7. Very pretty! It looks like a cross between the PNY flap with the zippered bottom (I don't know what it's called) and a vintage train/cosmetic case. I really like it.:yes:
  8. Me too (like it that is!!)!! How much was it????
  9. Gorgeous!!!
  10. Pretty cool!
  11. wow, nice. It also has a few compartments, that's handy.