A Beautiful Sunset to End my Day!

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  1. As most of you know, I ended up going to the LV event last night and met up with some fellow tPFers. (It was fun being there with you guys!). The food was great! There was Grilled Tunna, Salmon, Tomato Soup Shots (sorry, can't remember name of it..lol), Pork, Lime Sherbet w/ Raspberry sauce, Truffles and lots of Champagne!!!

    The BF ended up not getting any sunglasses as he thought one was a little heavy and the other looked just like another pair of his sunnies. He did end up buying another tie!

    There was ssooo many beautiful ladies with their beautiful bags there! I saw the Rita, Marilyn, and totally fell in love with the Ursula and Sunset Blvd! One lady actully handed me her Ursula to try on..it's a little heavy -- even heavier than the Manhattan GM. A lady had a Beverly and the BF was totally loving it that he told me to get one! But of course they didn't have one! But they did have a Sunset Blvd.! They actually had 2: one in perle and one in amarante. I got to see both but a lady bought the amarante one while they were setting the event up!

    So now, I have a beautiful sunset whenever I want!:yahoo:Hope you enjoy the pics!
    sunset1.jpg sunset2.jpg sunset5.jpg sunset6.jpg sunset8.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Love the gold on the front.
  3. She is goregous. I love her. Congrats and thank you for sharing.
  4. Gorgeous! Can you model it for us Pretty Please? Also~ are these LE? :tup::drool:
  5. More Pics....

    I wanted to show how much you can fit in this purse!!!
    RazR Cell Phone
    O2 Cell/PDA
    6 Credit Cards
    Pomme Cles
    Eye Drops
    Tide Pen
    Lip Gloss
    sunset10.jpg sunset9.jpg sunset12.jpg sunset13.jpg sunset14.jpg
  6. look sexy
  7. It is seriously beautiful! Please model it for us!
  8. Very pretty! congrats!
  9. Okay you just SO totally sold me...I just ordered one! :drool:....TPF so enables me:nuts:
  10. I'ts gorgeous, congrats!
  11. Wow it is so stunning! I just love it and I never knew so much could fit inside, thanks for posting all the great pics! Last night sounded perfect thanks for sharing.
  12. It's absolutely gorgeous...Congrats!:smile: I ordered the Amarante one this morning from Elux..Can't wait to see it IRL!
  13. Beautiful!!!!
  14. Thanks so much everyone!

    At some point in a later time, I might try changing the strap to a longer gold chain. Too bad LV doesn't cary those!
  15. congrats on your new bag!! its roomier than i thought. I assumed it was just like a large wallet....more like the size of a shirley ?