A Beautiful casual Spring Bag

  1. I am in a quandry. I want to get a new L.V. for the Spring. Im not looking for a bag to wear with my dressy clothes, but rather something for my down time, weekend casual wear.

    For the most part I love classic casual clothes, and have thought maybe the Berkeley would be nice.

    Does anyone know of any other new styles that are not big totes, that might be nice.


  2. Berkeley in azur would be great...love the style...
    you can always get an azur speedy...pretty good for leisure time...
    maybe something from the mini lin croisette line?? marina?
    Good luck baggers and hope you pick the best bag!
  3. i like the violette color for spring. it's a casual purple.
  4. Epi bowling montaigne PM in ivory. Although I love the shape of the Berkley, I'm not a fan of the brass plate. If you want something less structured - the saleya PM or MM.
  5. Saleya or Speedy in Azur! I like the Berkeley but it doesn't seem like a Spring style. Anything Azur or Epi Rouge, pretty much. Pomme vernis would be pretty too, as would the violette!
  6. Saleya MM in Azur!
  7. Speedy in azur.
  8. that's just what I was going to say
  9. Mini Lin Croisette Speedy!
  10. Trevi PM
    Popincourt Haut
  11. Thanks for the great suggestions.

    Bagmaniac23, the mini lin croisette line's a good idea, I hadn't thought of that.

    Also Lable Addict, have you heard of the watercolour speedy. It sounds good and Spring like, but I guess I really do love the classics, so the speedy azur would also be good.


    :confused1: :wtf: :girlsigh:
  12. Denim Speedy!

    I also think the Saleya in Damier Azur would be a great casual piece.
  13. What about something Vernis? Like the Rosewood, although it's on the smaller side??? Just a suggestion.:smile::smile:
  14. Another vote for the Azur Saleya MM.. it's the perfect Spring bag! :yes:

  15. it's hard to hear about anything else lol
    what are you interested in the exotic version or the vvn?
    Exotic I would say wouldn't be very casual because of the frame structure, but you have a long wait on the vvn that's not out until May (unless they change the date)