A beautiful boobie

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  1. Wow cute, what is the retail on this anyone?
  2. it is very pretty... but 375? seems like a lot for something so small...

    how much do these retail for?
  3. Oh My God I am dying here! Its more than my Boobie budget will allow...aaaarrrrggghhh! what to do, what to do....really. this is killing me. And I know the seller is great. crying, crying...I need a tissue...:crybaby:
  4. I remember reading that someone bought them on sale for $99 last summer. Does anyone know the dimensions? What can you get in there?
  5. i think retail is $285. and yes... i heard it was on sale last summer.
    you cannot fit anything but coins in there. maybe a couple of keys.... i cannot fit my keys, but thats because i always bring a lot of keys.
  6. Oh Donna...don't you have fabulous boobies already? :graucho:
  7. can one possibly need more than two? :graucho:
  8. why yes my dahling they are fabulous!...oh wait, wrong boobies, I digress, I know my little collection is nice but its TURQUOISE! I dont know when another will come along. And the minute I buy it a Magenta one will be on ebay!:nuts:
  9. Hehe so Donna... are you considering it? :graucho:

    Did they make magenta boobies? I've never seen one. It would look gorg in that color though...
  10. They were on sale over the summer at Barneys for $99
  11. Congrats Donna! I see you gave into temptation! What do you use the boobies for? I've always thought they were cute.
  12. sssshhhh! listen!

    do you hear that banging?

    its me banging my head against the wall.

    i was bad.



  13. Oh boy! :biggrin:

    Don't be too hard on yourself girl, it is a GORG color! :heart: :heart: :heart: Congrats
  14. OMG, there is no stopping you. How many boobies do you need to make some one happy?haha!!:nuts: