A BEARY special reveal

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  1. Hi Ladies

    My mistress is down with a flu and ask that I do a reveal on her behalf

    and also because I provide a hint to what's going to be revealed


    Attached Files:

  2. yay! i have never been the first one..... what is it?????
  3. Any guesses?????
  4. I Wanna See!!
  5. a Hermes leather teddy?


    Berry. . . . something in framboise or raspberry?

    or bear as in Bare? Vache Naturelle?
  6. Something in barenia?
  7. great guesses... but not even warm... hee hee
  8. My mistress is :lecture: me.... she doesnt like long drawn reveals, but she's sick in bed and I am doing the reveal and having fun
  9. :hysteric::thinking:

    something hairy like Troika?
  10. Troika, coz of my furry body? that would be the expected answer - but nah!!!!!!
  11. Bear as in Bare Necessities?

    Black or Gold Togo?
  12. hhhhmmmm.....what could it be? :thinking:

    one thing for sure, this is gonna be fun! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: let's go!
  13. Like in Honey Bear? Miel Croc?
  14. #14 Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
    ARCHANGEL: Peanuts... just get on with it! stop teasing my friends on the forum! AHH CHOOOOO.. (sneezes)

  15. Oohh, you are getting warmer.... big furry hug to you Miss Seton