A Bayswater newcomer - I have questions!

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  1. After nine months of unemployment (I was made redundant at the end of last year), I finally have the most amazing job ever!:yahoo:I can support myself (and, more importantly,my cats) again. I sold almost all my bags to keep us all fed over the past few months and I can't bring myself to spend £1000's on a bag like I used to.
    So I've decided on an Anya Hindmarch Lautner as my day-off bag and - the one I'm really excited about -a Bayswater for work.
    I don't want to make a mistake, because this bag is going to have to last me for years....and my first question is - what colour?
    I love the plummy colour I saw in Selfridges last week....
    But I am really drawn to Oak, it seems so classic, but does it rain-spot, does it scratch easily, does it darken as it gets older?
    Those of you who own the Bayswater, anyone been unhappy with it (years ago, I bought a Fendi Spy - the most expensive mistake ever - I ended up hating that bag hence all these questions)? Those of you who love it, what makes it special?
    And is it worth me going to Bicester Village to save some money? Do they often carry the Bayswater?

    Thank you!
  2. I got a black bays....I just throw on the floor anywhere I go....No idea about oak though...
  3. Congrats on your new job!

    Bayswater is a great choice for a work bag as it is widely regarded as a 'workhorse' by most of the ladies who own one.

    Oak is prone to rain spotting, which you could pre-empt by waterproofing it with Collonil Waterstop spray. Over time, oak will also develop a gorgeous patina and become darker and richer in colour.
    Whereas black Bays is virtually indestructible, chocolate might need a bit more care but not as much as oak.
    Some of the more unusual colours like plum Bays are gorgeous, but you will get more mileage out of a Bays in a classic colour.
    As for chucking bags on the floor: I wouldn't dream of putting my Mulberry anywhere near it, unless it was a carpeted floor and I knew the owner...;)
  4. It's one of the most sturdy bags I own! (only my Birkin can compete). I mostly use it when I need to carry a lot and than I stuff it to the fullest. The only downside is that it's quite heavy imo (even when it's empty), but that will also depend on what leather you choose. And I love the casual-chique appearance of the Bays!
  5. Congratulations on your new job!
    I have a black goatskin bays with silver hardware - an outlet special and therefore a bit less pricey than the ones in the shops. Goatskin is very durable and a bit lighter than the nvt ones. I am not sure the plum is made of as durable leather as the oak, black and chocolate nvt bays. So if you really want a good work-horse to last you for a very long time, I'd go for one of the classic choc, oak or black nvt or a goatskin outlet special!
  6. Congratulations on the new job, you and the cats must be so relieved!
    Wait for one of the more experienced oak owners to come along for more advice on aging but for what it's worth, I bought an oak bays a week ago and it's my favorite thing ever!!!! I got the one for apple which has a laptop sleeve in it. It is heavy but I've got used to it and it's really practical as you can get loads in it. I do find it a bit awkward on the shoulder but think it looks nicer in the hand or the crook of the arm. I have doused it in collonil and been in the rain with it (mostly under an umbrella) and so far so good. The rains just beads up on it and you can wipe it off. It seems fairly tough. It may scratch but I have been told oak ages really well and will eventually get a lovely patina. When I was seeking opinion on here as to what to buy, someone mentioned the oak printed bays as an alternative so maybe you can consider them?
    Anyway,I recommend it. Goes with anything and looks beautiful
    Happy shopping
  7. Congratulations on your new job!
    I have a 'retired' Plum AG Bays that I love, but if I had to pick a Bays in one of the current colours, I would go for a choc because it's my favorite bag colour, it goes with everything, it's low maintenance. Second choice would probably be black printed. For some reason I wasn't attracted to Bays at first, but when I saw one irl, so sturdy and roomy, I knew I had to have one for the office!
  8. Congratulations on the new job! a Bayswater to celebrate sounds entirely reasonable to me.

    I would suggest, like others have done, that you start with one of the "traditional" colours. Black is always smart and the ultimate classic, chocolate is a close second IMO and it's very durable; if you wear more dark brown than black in terms of shoes/boots, could work well for you. Oak will take a bit more looking after. The croc printed ones have an extra edge and look slightly more "posh".

    I started with a chocolate Bays some years ago, which has worn very well and just looks better with age. I love the Bays shape so much that I've since branched out into more exotic variations. I'm not sure why I love the shape because for practicality I prefer messengers, and the Darwin/NVT Bays are heavy, but there's something about carrying a Bays which makes me feel instantly smarter than I really am.
  9. I have an Oak Bays. I love it and it goes everywhere from the office to downtown shopping with complete and total ease - I really don't own another bag this versatile, so it's a great place to spend your 'investment bag money' IMHO.

    It is prone to water-spotting. Collinil works, but you do have to reapply. I literally dumped an entire latte on mine days after Collinilling it with not a mark. However, mine has a few rainspots from a day I got caught in a windy shower and my umbrella proved insufficient to protect the bag, and it had not been colliniled recently.

    I think Oak is the classic color, but if you can't bear the rain issues, go for Black (NVT, goatskin, printed, all good choices, ranked in order of impervious-ness.)
  10. ooh congrats on landing a new great job.

    I think a classic colour is a must as you want to use this bag for a long time, so oak chocolate or black would work. Oak needs more babying than the others but you do not sound like the kind of gal that will neglect any of your bags anyhow! And it doesnt take long to spray an entire bag with collinil so if that is the colour you think would work best with your wardrobe and your lifestyle, it shoudnt put you off :smile:
  11. Thank you everyone - gosh, everyone here is so helpful!
    I'm still drawn to Oak - I wear so much black anyway, and - as most of us have - I have more than one black bag sitting in the wardrobe :P
    I looked at a printed bag - I don't love it enough to buy it (although I can see it'd be easier to care for)....so I think it's down to Oak or maybe Chocolate. Also, some of you have mentioned Darwin and NTV - are they types of leather? Completely new to the world of Mulberry!
    Thank you again, everybody!
  12. Darwin and NVT are types of leather. They look roughly the same, NVT is newer (some say cheaper) leather. There is a thread here comparing Darwin and NVT. Darwin is heavier
  13. I have an Oak Bayswater and love it to death. I've had about a year now and to be honest, it hasn't really gone any darker but each bag is different which is what is so unique about them.

    I have caught it in the rain a few times and was looking like a right idiot trying to cover my coat with it but I think if you spray a few times with Colinelli (or whatever it is called) then you should be okay. It is a great bag and is so versatile, however I think it will be hibernating in winter to avoid the weather!
  14. I'd say go with what you're drawn to - when you're spending in excess of £500 you want to love it!

    NVT is the newer, slightly lighter-weight version of the old Mulberry leather "Darwin" which has a distinctive grain, rather than being smooth (goatskin is smoother, shinier and lighter in weight).

    While the printed leathers might seem lower-maintenance, there has been the odd report that raindrops make little very slightly raised bumps on the smooth areas, spoiling the texture and appearance, so it still needs to be protected from rain. If you don't care for the look of it, remove it from the equation!

    If you love the oak, just buy plenty of rain protector and make a date with yourself every so often to spray your bag.
  15. I find bays a very lovely everyday bag, it's a workhorse for sure, but even though mine is made of lighter leather than NVT it is quite heavy and I know NVT is much heavier, but that being said I want to get an NVT bayswater because the leather is divine and will get better when it ages, I just have to try and carry less stuff in it. Also not everyone is able to carry bays on the shoulder especially with a winter coat, so that's something to consider if it's important for you to be able to carry it that way.