A bare naked Ring!

  1. As usual I'm a day late and a dollar short, but my Nude Ring did arrive yesterday and I am SO glad I listened to Samantha and took the plunge for the third time! :yahoo:

    She is beautiful, love at first sight! :love::heart::love: She's about a shade or so darker than I expected which pleases me greatly as I was concerned the bag was going to be too light and a bother to take care of. I know I've said this before, but even with having 3 bags in the same style they do indeed look completely different from each other. The black Ring and the Nude Ring are like comparing apples and oranges....totally different! :yes:

    I do have to say though, IMO humble as it is, the Nude bag does seem to accentuate the length of the bag much more than the dark black or even the burgundy. I don't mind though because I absolutely love the style....but for anyone who may be concerned the Ring will look long when you're carrying it, go for the black! :tup:

    Oh, and one last thing. I'm sure most of you girls have ordered from NAP before but this was my first order. I am VERY impressed with their packing, the free black gift box tied with ribbon the bag came in, the free 2 day shipping....:tup::tup: up!!

    So what about you Samantha, did your bag arrive yesterday as well? Are you pleased with the color? Jburgh? It may be too early for you to have gotten yours yet, but do let me know what you think of the color once you do get it! I hope you're both as happy with your new bags as I am with mine!
  2. Well Stinkerbelle where are your Photos of this new beauty:search:
  3. Congratulations Stinkerbelle:drinkup: So glad to hear you are so happy and excited!

    Mine did arrive on Friday. NAP jipped me on the black box presentation on my last two bags from them. I feel like a red headed stepchild right now. I have not had much of a chance to look at it yet. The color is gorgeous. I agree, darker than the stock photos and with greater tonal shading(in a good way). Mine looks like it may have a scratch or imperfection on the front and the back though. I will get it out and take a picture shortly.

    My first impression is that the leather seems a little more rigid than my burgundy Ring. Jury is out due to the condition....
  4. Stinkerbelle - my Ring has not arrived. I got one of those messages that the CC company suspected fraud and denied it. After calling them to authorize and release the charge, NAP shipped the bag. I am happy they didn't just cancel my order and toss it back in the system. Happy to read your review oh, Lordess of the Rings!

    Samantha - So sorry your bag isn't 100% perfect. I look forward to the pics and hope you don't have to return it.

    Girls - I saw this Ring on the JChoo website. Do you think this is a face that only a mother can love??? :shrugs:

  5. Here are the pictures girls. I included a close up to show the color and also the line/scratch on the front right:s




    nude ring.jpg nude ring2.jpg nude ring4.jpg nude ring5.jpg
  6. Samantha - Do you think if you dabbed a little leather lotion on it along the scratch with an liner brush, it would disappear?
  7. Miss Samantha, I'm with you, if it's not perfect I don't know if I could keep it either. From the photos the line looks fairly light, but that could be due to the flash. If it stands out IRL, that would bother me.

    You know what though? After reading your comments about your bag I took mine back out of it's dust bag and really went over it with a fine tooth comb. And you're right, it is more rigid than the black and burgundy, and it even feels heavier.

    Also, in really looking at it, I'm wondering if the tonal distressing makes the bag look dirty. AND, I swear, it just looks bigger to me than my burgundy or my black bags!

    Hmmm....now I'm having doubts. :confused1: I'm sure the bag will break in nicely so it would become a bit more slouchier, but the thing I love about my other 2 Rings is that they both are soft and so the top of the bag slouches in making the bag look less rectangular. The Nude doesn't do that because it is rigid.

    I think the thing that is bothering me the most is that I'm wondering if the distressing makes it look dirty even though it's not.

    What do you think Samantha....do YOU think it looks dirty? Oh bother. But I am glad I really looked it over today, I would have hated to be having these second thoughts when it was too late to return the bag. :sad:
  8. :tdown:
    Oh, and I agree with you Jburgh....there will never be 4 Rings in my future if this had to be one of them! Oy....what a mess.
  9. Stinkerbelle, I have spent some more time looking at the bag. The line is not a scratch but more of a line where there is no dark pigment. Maybe there was a fold in the leather during the dying process. Not sure how noticeable it is. Hmmm...

    As for the shading looking dirty... I am not sure if I am seeing that, but I do know what you mean. What I am not sure I am loving about the biker leather treatment on the nude color is that the bag looks a little "faux finished" to me.

    I am glad you can confirm the leather feels different to you too. I am not too bothered by the more rigid leather. In fact, I like that it is a little different than my burgundy Ring.

    I am going to give it a day or two. Sometimes when something shows up and it is not exactly what I imagined, it can take me a couple days to warm up to the differences. Sometimes I end up returning and sometimes it is a pleasant surprise and I keep and really enjoy the item.

    BTW, if you are on the fence and need more time, just request your RMA anyways. It buys you more time and you ultimately don't have to send it back.
  10. Oh, one more thing....yes, the Nude Ring appears larger than the Burgundy. I think it is because the nude does not slouch.

    I do love the watersnake color on the nude bag. Love the contrast!
  11. Ummmm.....yes....:shrugs: :shame:
  12. Oh well. That was short lived. I did request a RMA number and the bag is going back. :crybaby:

    I have never looked over a bag as closely as I have this one, in indoor light, outdoor light...you name it. And you know, I don't think it's just the distressing, this bag just looks dirty. Especially at the top on the back side, and there is most definitely a small spot on the side of the bag that when looking closely at the bag you can tell it's not distressing (but does blend in with the distressed look of the rest of the bag which is probably why I missed it before).

    When the Alex came in I knew right away the bag wasn't for me so it was no bother to return it. But this is a RING! I soooo want to love it, but now I just can't. Between looking dirty and not having the same smooshyness of my other 2 Rings, I can't keep it. I do LOVE the snake though, it really stands out on the lighter bag and it's so pretty!

    So I am taking this as a sign! I am meant to own 5 Choo bags, no more, no less! And I shall be happy with my 5 Choos and search no more for another! :nogood:
  13. Well, that doesn't bode well. If the both of you are unhappy or unsure, what chance does my undelivered Ring have? So sorry it didn't work out. I wonder if it came in Forest green biker leather? The green (my Ramona) has the same texture as the black, tan and burgundy.

    OMG - what a croc! Keep telling yourself that! :devil::roflmfao:
  14. Do not yet fret Jburgh! You may very well love your Nude Ring when it arrives! After sleeping on it I've decided the one thing I can't get past is how rigid the bag is and I don't believe it's going to break in because it's at the top of the bag. So because it doesn't slouch at all (the very thing I love the most about the Ring to begin with) it looks huge on me, almost like a small piece of luggage (I'm barely 5' 5"). That, and because the bag is lighter, the unevenness of the distressing is fairly obvious but that's not a flaw, it's just because the bag is light and the distressing is darker. Personally, I think the bag would have been gorgeous in this color sans the distressing. :yes:

    It does stink that I loved it so much when I first saw it, but after really going over it, checking it out in different light and walking around with it on my shoulder, the honeymoon was soon over. :crybaby:

    I am VERY glad I have both the black and the burgundy though because I haven't found another Ring I love as much (the new ones do nothing for me at all). Of course I've never seen the forest green! :graucho:

    Still though, I hope you LOVE your Ring when she arrives! It may that I am being too critical and that could be because I already have 2 Rings to compare it to that I love a LOT! :heart:
  15. My Ring is going back too. I have bought alot of bags and shoes this sale that I am just thrilled about. The Nude bag is pretty but I really prefer my burgundy ring. I am sooo glad I ordered the Nude because now I know I did not miss out and I feel quite content.
    jburgh, let us know what you think when your Ring arrives. I do hope you like it:yes:
    My red Disco heels are being delivered today:yahoo: I will post pics when they arrive.