A Ban..... Well maybe Soon!!!

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  1. So while checking out Ebay a couple of weeks ago to get "comps" on bags I was planning on listing, I kept seeing this bag and curiosity got the best of me:shame: I truly thought it was going to be a fake, but after closer review, I realized it was exactly like two of my other Croc bags inside.

    I am sure it must have been originally purchased from the UK, as that is the only place I have seen some of the specific detailing. I have no idea what the name is, but the price was AMAZING and thankfully they offered a BIN. I jumped on it:yahoo::yahoo: It arrived 3 days later and OMG :nuts:Take a Look.......

    If anyone can tell me it's name and release date, I would be most appreciative. I went to my Favorite Choo SA and she was at a loss. I may try contacting the Jimmy Choo headquarters for info.


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  2. Don't know the name or have ever seen it but it is gorgeous!!! What a great find!
  3. Gorgeous! If you don't mind my asking, how much was it?

    It seems that the JC resell prices have gone down.
  4. Wow:nuts: she's gorgeous robynbenz! That shhade of purple/lavender is just ti die for. Congrats on such a beauty. I have never seen this style either, but the chain on it reminds me of the 2008 oversize clutch. I think the name was Rio. It was the same gold links and was detachable from the bag so it could be handheld.
  5. OMG...I just love that color! I have no idea of the name either, tho. Since it is croc, there were probably not many made and it may have only been sold at a certain store. What a great find! :ghi5:
  6. I think I found it! Do you have the SS09 catalogue? Look on page 38. There is a little bag called corine. It does not show a chain strap, but this is definately the same bag style!
  7. Dang, Choo never sent me a SS09 catalog. Love the bag!
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    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    Thank you starbuxxx as soon as it gets warmer, I will pull out the crocs!

    I got it for an unbelievable price. Lets just say the shoes on sale are still more than I paid for this bag:graucho:

    I agree with you, some of the bags seem to loose their resale value very quickly, but then others seem to go for more than I would ever imagine. I think it is a total "crapshoot"

    Thank you halunfishie!!I agree, the chain reminds me of a couple of the clutches I have and I really love the color as well. I just wish it was more of the size of the RIO.
  9. Thanks so much JM :yahoo::yahoo:

    You are right!!! I dug out the catalogue and found it. I completely missed it when I was trying to decide whether to buy it. The Chain is removable, so I am sure that they just tucked it inside and was photographed this way. It did come with the little "Black Card" though ;)

  10. Thanks Jburgh
    I almost didn't think I had this one either, (the titles are in such small font....) but luckily I looked again.

    I can't believe one of JC's best customers was not sent the quarterly look book:amazed:
  11. Wow, I have no words. :nuts:
  12. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  13. Great find! Enjoy using!
  14. what a stunning bag! congrats to this awesome find!!! :flowers:
  15. Thank you very much Bichon Lover, Beljwl, Bextasy & Stephanie***. I am very excited and now that I know the name, I will be sure to get it in the Reference Library!