A Balenciaga Newbie Question

  1. Ok Ladies...I've taken a step out and gotten 2 Balenciaga Bags. A 05 Grey Classique and a Famous 05 Navy Bleu Twiggy (Meow!).

    Previously I have been a Kooba Ho with Botkiers and Grysons as second loves. I am used to the heavy thick leather that seems indestructable.

    Now I have these luscious bags with leather that is heaven sent. My husband is even compeled to touch them. But the leather seems almost Fragile to me being that it is thin and smooshy. I know Smooshy is a great thing and although I have never heard of B Bags ripping open...How sturdy is the leather? I am using them with kid gloves. I don't want to put a pen or sharp pointed anything in my purse for fear it will poke a hole through.

    You girls Are Balenciaga Pros. Can you give me an accurate portayal of their leather and just how much abuse can they take?
  2. I think bbags are pretty sturdy, you can stuff them to the brim and at most, the leather migth stretch and soften even more after multiple uses... but that is normal. I do understand about the leather being much more fragile when compared to other bags (I love chloe leather's durability), but don't be afraid. Some ladies here have bbags that have taken beatings! And yeah.. ALWAYS keep your pens capped to avoid poking and leaking... that can be a MAJOR problem (used to carry those clicky pens... that's a BIG no-no)
  3. ^ITA with TNC.
    Yes the leather is smooshy and beautiful, but it does seem to be quite durable. There is also the canvas lining so that would help to prevent anything from poking through.