A Balenciaga lover's non-bbag - PICS!

  1. With their edgey, smooshy, slouchy vibe, I almost always come back to my balenciagas, but this Ferragamo I just got has my heart. So I had to share, next to my favorite balengiaga. It's called the Aran hobo, great leather and shape, plus the logo is subtle, and only on one side.
    bal:ferragamore.jpg ferragamosidere.jpg
  2. O:huh: ... that's nice. I love the detailing down the sides.
  3. I do love that ... that side detailing is very unique! Congrats!
  4. thanks, I'm really loving it. Very strange, because I'm almost exclusively a bbag girl.
  5. No pics, but an LV Mono Pochette...
  6. Stupid ?:
    Is that green B-bag a "Day"?
  7. Ame.. thats a Pine Day with GGH.

    CuteUsername... sO thats where yah been... cheAtin~!! hahaha Love it.. cOngrats ;)
  8. Wow I really like that! It almost looks like the Balenciaga day with some Chanel style to it. Enjoy her!