A Balenciaga Love Affair: Mocean's Collection

  1. I decided today that four Balenciagas are considered a "collection" in my books.

    I would like to preface my collection photos by posting a short bit about why I love Balenciagas. Well, to start off with... everything. I'm especially in :heart: with Balenciaga leather. I cannot find anything like it. softest, most refined but rustic and hardy... it's just amazing. and I can't even like other flat, hard, smooth and heavy leathers anymore. Rigid? what?? this word does not exist in my world! I like slouch! Soft, round shapes, with the crispness of lines of the bag and the sharp, definitive hardware to contrast this slouchy leather is perfection!

    and that's what makes Balenciaga so classic. the simple ness of the bag, but with a definite twist that makes this bag ride the line between luxury and the streets. It's the perfect balance.

    Emerald Travel tote. My very first Balenciaga, purchased in the spring of 06. From s/s 05 or f/w 04 I think

    03 Black City w/ pewter hardware. Most amazing leather ever.

    (?) chocolate brown flat brass flap A spur of the moment purchase that I'm growing to love!

    s/s 05 Sky Blue Work. My newest purchase! So in love with it right now! :heart:

    so yep, that's it. I had so much fun doing this little photoshoot! The light was so pretty on my lanai! I love how they look like glamour shots! :p I always fall a little more in love with my purses when I photograph them! :shame:
  2. What a special and gorgeous collection! The leather on your black bag looks absolutely amazing, and I LOVE the green bag... it's so unique!:heart:

    Wear those lovely bags in good health!
  3. Gorgeous collection!!! You've inspired me to get off my a$$ and take some pics of my bags--It's so cool to be able to see everyone's collection!
  4. oh Mocean, love ur babies :biggrin:... espacially that SKYBLUE WORK you have, it's beautiful!!!!! :biggrin:
  5. I love your sky blue work...and your black balenciaga city...wow..the leather looks amazing!
  6. I LOVE your Black City, thats the prettiest older bag I have ever seen!
  7. I just about fell off my couch when I saw your black City...WOW! And your tassels, not split after all this time, mine started to split a month later. I'm lovingly jealous!
  8. Beautiful collection! I love your :drool: black city! (I also LOVE the weather there! It's snowing here and it's cold!)
  9. Beautiful collection. Love the sky blue work and the black city!!
  10. Someday, before I meet the man with the scythe/balancing scales/great book/pitchfork, I'd like to just TOUCH your black city.... Of course, I'd also be very, very tempted to turn tail and run away with it, but i PROMISE to be good!! (longing sigh..)
  11. Those bags are absolutely gorgeous. Your black w/ pewter looks scrumptious. Of course I love your sky blue Work the most. That's my favorite Bal color ever.:love:
  12. I adore all, but the chocolate bag is just wow. Love your collection!!
  13. lovely collection!!! that black city is TO DIE FOR!!! :heart:
  14. wow, whatta cool collection mocean, i love your emerald travel tote :tender:...and it goes without saying that your black city is TDF!!!