A Balenciaga Fairy Tale . . . Complete With "Happily Ever After"

  1. Once upon a time, there was an obsessed bbag lover named willowsmom and she had a habit of looking for bbags anywhere she could think of (even when she was banned - sometimes she was naughty). One day, willowsmom was looking through the want ads on craigslist and saw an ad for what looked like an authentic 04 lilac first. For $600. In really nice condition.

    "Surely this cannot be" thought willowsmom. She scoffed at the idea of buying a bag outside of eBay and other "safer" (or at least established) venues, plus the ad specified cash only, but willowsmom just couldn't get this potential treasure out of her mind. What if the seller will agree to use paypal? Will s/he send more pictures? What to do?!

    Finally, willowsmom decided she had nothing to lose by writing to the seller. Well, turns out she was right and she was lucky. The seller was very nice, more than willing to provide tons of pictures and had no problem using paypal or shipping the bag. Once willowsmom decided the pics looked good enough, she paid the seller, held her breath and crossed her fingers. She had 2-3 days to wait before she would know for certain if she had truly landed this dream bag.

    On the second day after the package was mailed, willowsmom came home to discover - oh the horror! - a "sorry we missed you" notice from the post office! Her bag was being held hostage! Luckily, postal negotiating tactics are pretty lax - all willowsmom had to do was go to the post office the following morning and pick it up.

    So on the third day after the package was mailed, willowsmom woke up all excited, practically threw her oldest child onto the bus when it came and rushed to the post office. She gets her package, scampers to her car (looking a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings - "the precious"), rips the package open and gazes upon a gorgeously broken in, excellent condition, 100% authentic 2004 lilac first!!!!

    Willowsmom shreiked with excitement (scaring the woman in the car next to her) and rushed into work to share the news of her find with her similarly obsessed friends.

    And willowsmom and her lilac first lived happily ever after.

    P2140088.JPG P2140089.JPG P2140092.JPG P2140093.JPG P2140090.JPG
    What a beauty!
    Enjoy her! :tup:
  3. What a cute story, and a beautiful lilac first! :love: Congratulations!

    I love the part about the bag being held "hostage!" I feel that way too when I get those dreaded cards from the P.O.!
  4. :girlsigh:

    I love fairytales with happy endings...
  5. You should be a writer girl.:p What a great find.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  6. yay! what a great story!!! congrats on finding such a rare beauty, and for a terrific price!! I would've shrieked too. :yahoo:
  7. that's sweet! and such a pretty bag!
  8. what a great find!! congrats!:tup:
  9. OMG! What a great story! I especially loved the Gollum part! LOL!!!!!! That bag is stunning!!!!! Congrats!
  10. oh YAY!!! you were able to get her this morning!! she is gorgeous and CONGRATS!!!
  11. This has got to be the best fairy tale ever!! And I agree with Nanaz - you should definitely be a writer!! And the bag...oh, the bag!! Were do I even begin? It is soooo gorgeous!!! I am totally :drool:!! 04 Lilac has got to be one of the best Bal colors ever made!!
  12. :wtf::nuts:She is such a beauty! Congratulations!
  13. A love lilac happy ends....
    I'm sure you'll happily live together now (what a FIND!!!)
  14. :lol:"My Precious"...

    Great story! congrats...so happy for you!!
  15. Congratulations! It's gorgeous.