A bal on Gilmore Girls

  1. I was watching Gilmore Girls and the main character, Lorelai, was carrying a dark orange city or work. The color looks like rouille, just like my rouille First.

    It was very neat to see it on tv. I rarely notice purses in the public.
  2. Darn DirecTV, and our unability to get local channels.... :sad:

    At the end of Season 6, Lorelei went to the realtor's office when she was chauffering Emily around, she was carrying what *looked like* a dark orange/camel work bag - but I couldn't tell if it was authentic at the angles it was at...

    They repeat bags alot on that show, so there is a possibility it might be the same one! If you have the Season 6 DVD, check it out and see if you think they look the same.

    Lorelei was also carrying a Mini Classique in the "Wedding Bell Blues" episode, in Season 5.

    I watch DVDs waaaaayyyy too much during the day. :p
  3. hee hee...yay! i always get some weird thrill when I can spot certain handbags on in TV shows/movies!
  4. i thought i recognized it! yay!
  5. last night, i was changing channels on tv...i stumbled upon gilmore girls, and lorelei was carrying what looked like a camel work. i think it was a fakey though...the metal hardware attaching the handles to the bag looked gold.
  6. shoot, i didn't watch gilmore girls at all, now i want to see them LOL
  7. I watched that last night and I think it might have been fake :sad:

    The bales were very round and they only showed the 'back side' of the bag-- but at one point I thought I saw both sides and they looked exactly the same :wtf:
  8. oh... :sick:

  9. Does anyone know if it was the same bag that was in Season 6? I was thinking that one was inspired or fake too... but I am not for sure on that.

    However, from what I could see of the Mini Classique in Season 5 - it looked real?? All of the MJ handbags & clothing they use has been real, in addition to Prada, Coach, stuff etc so I don't know why they would use a fake Balenciaga, but it could definately be a possibility unfornuately.... :sad:
  10. Sorry, I am not sure. I used to LOVE GG but then it started feeling contrived and the dialog was the same no matter whose mouth it came out of :shame:

    Plus, I am infinitely envious of Lor's DvF collection!!
  11. :yes: :yes: :drool: :drool:

    I hear you on the same old, same old thing... I pretty much just watch the DVDs, since I don't get local channels anyhow... I will probably buy the new season DVD sets when they come out - but I think Season 4 is one of the better ones...
  12. I just watched it and I think the bag was definitely *inspired*. Unfortunately I can't get a good screenshot :sad:

    It had very slim and long handles, no whipstitching whatsoever, front and back of bag look like the back of a city. It did have tassles.
  13. i saw a marc by mj bag on a commercial for the show, must have good stylists on the show :smile:
  14. Managed to get a screenshot:
  15. Thanks for the screen shot simmmchen!!

    Wow... definately inspired... look at those o-rings... :sad: I think it was the same one from season six, but I couldn't ever get a clear view of that area... I will try to get a screen shot of the one from Season Six.