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  1. Having visited the stores often, consulted regularly with my SA, been chatting with people here at TPF, suddenly I have this natural instinct when someone here is posting non-authentic bags although the items look absolutely authentic in pictures but for some strange reasons (i.e., previous posts, unusual marks etc) I know that they are not! Do you think I should PM the Moderators or one of the authenticators ladies? I just want to contribute to the spirit of fighting counterfeits. Moderators - please pardon me if this is not the right place to post this :smile: I just want to help.
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    ABSOLUTELY, we need you. Haven't you checked authentication thread recently?

  3. Def. PM the Mods. They can tell you if you should also PM the authenticators---or those wonderful AT people can chime in here.:flowers:
  4. I was about to inquire one a couple of days ago but before I did that, I found that member has been made a sofa king so I didn't do anything at the end... :smile: Perhaps the mods have figured it out? :smile:
  5. If you question the authenticity of a bag you should always PM Kellybag or Jag or Hermes_Addict. They will get right to work.
  6. Thank you Kallie Girl, I was just about to post that!

    ALWAYS report to one of the H mods if you see something does not look right. We will look into it.

    We do not want any member to call out another member in the open.
  7. Absolutely PM us! Our "door" is ALWAYS open and all comments are welcome!
  8. But sometimes I wonder whether we have given out too much details through our reveals that could be used by counterfeit companies to advance their production?
  9. If someone wants to produce counterfeits, there is every opportunity for them to do so without any of the info available at TPF. Remember, counterfeits were in production long before TPF ever existed.
  10. I wouldn't worry about this at all...Hermes is Hermes and there is no way someone can copy the real quality...it would come up in the long run inevitably! Diana Thomas wrote a brilliant book about the luxury goods...she says what for insiders is known for many years now, but the general public may be shocked (us, customers)... Luxury has lost its lustre... only Hermes and a couple of others do things the old way...impossible to get where they are without doing what they did ( and a lot of luck as well ).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.